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I’ve been riding the “Team EF Coaching Weekly Training Ride” (08.12.2021) but i didn’t unlook the jersey. So i wrote to the Zwift support but the only answer i got was link with a redirection to the Zwift supportcenter. The are no informations from the "Ambassador " even when i’m clicking on the contact button. This kind of support is crap and far away from user frienbdly. By the way Zwift is getting a lot of money from their users but if they had problems there is no solution…Very poor Zwift! So how can i get my EF jersey?

thanks and regard Lukas

I don’t see anything in the event description to indicate that you will earn the jersey by participating in these events. Where did you see it indicated that you would keep the jersey?

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That just means that it is the jersey (and bike) assigned for the event itself.


I don’t think so. All events i’ve been riding with these badgets unlooked a jersey. I know there is sometimes trouble. On a Trek Segafredo ride there was the same issue but the guys of Trek Segafredo managed it to solve it while the ride was ongoing. That was awesome but how Zwift is behaving is shameful…

Well, my team’s rides have that jersey thing there as well but apart from these events the kit is for members only. You can see which events have a jersey unlock e.g. on the Zwifthacks event search (at least the next EF ride does not have the jersey unlock flag):





Couldn’t see the event on the official Zwift site (Browser) for now. The last shown event is at 2pm. I will take a look tomorrow. But i think, that the Jerseys was in the badget list. We will see…
But anyway how Zwift is responding to support questions (with an automatic chatsbot and automatic generated e-mail which do not work is still very poor. If some app would really been on cycling (not entertaining) like virtual track cycling or something like that (with real virtual team outfits) i will be quit Zwift.

Oh, but the official Zwift events site is rubbish, as are all other official Zwift event tools (tbh including Zwiftpower at this point).

As i saw at Strava the EF jersey is a badget to unlock. By the way the Zwift Support is stupid as ■■■■. I wrote them into the contact box that i’m not able to see the reply by clicking the link of the abassodors answer and they send me the same crap again… Why isn’t Zwift just write a simple E-Mail? It seems they don’t care about their paying users…

That could be an actual team EF pro, or just someone who has received it from an event that actually does unlock the jersey…

When was that ride with the guy in the EF jersey? Lachlan Morton was riding around Makuri Islands on Dec. 2 and William Barta was on a few times over the last few days.

I found this picture on 16 of December. It was the day of the ride. There is only one EF ride per week. So for now it’s the only way to get the jersey. Why isn’t any Zwift Admin don’t write here? Don’t they look at their own forum? I still didn’t get a simple Mail from the support.
Sorry was busy so i couldn’t answering more quickly.

We’ve been trying to tell you, these rides don’t unlock the jersey. You get to wear it during the event only.

Most pro teams don’t let you keep the jersey, they are for team members only.

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So this picture was taken at 17:48 and Barta was zwifting at 02:03 and 21:33. So at this ride there was an avg of maybe 2-2,5 w/kg. I don’t think that a pro was riding there. More waste there means that the ride is more stressful for the rider. Sorry for my persistence but there is something wrong about (unlocking) this jersey. It seems that some riders get and some not. If you see the bag of waste at the back of the jersey this couldn’t be a pro at this lower power output. I don’t care about zwifthacks. This is not official.

Perhaps @Jesper_ZwiftHacks can shed some light on how his site pulls the data and tags from Zwift events. I’m certain it is not by mistake.

This must be lost in translation, I don’t understand what you are trying to say. Why can’t a pro do a recovery ride?

Just leave it Mike, there’s no point. He’s right, you’re wrong, he’s going to cancel his subscription. :rofl:


If a pro do a recovery ride it’s not so stressful to fill his bag at the back full of waste. The bag is an indication of the ability of the rider. You can see it if you ride with some friends and you know there skills.

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It’s been explained to you by multiple people (not Zwift support, just fellow users) and you’re not listening. You’re being incredibly radgey and unreasonable about a trivial matter; it’s going to attract criticism.