Level 60 Jesery missing!

Gained level 60.
Went to garage and donned the new jersey.
Logged in the next day to find that jersey had reverted to previous choice and Level 60 jersey no longer in the Garage and thus unavailable!!
Where has it gone?
Is this yet another Zwift feature?

Hi @Pieter_Meiring_Pack

Welcome back!

I’m sorry to hear that this happened. If you could reach out to our support staff so we can get a request put in to have that credited back to you. A request is a manual process so it may take up to a week for that to show back up, but we’ll do our best to get that back to you as soon as we can!

Thanks @JohnP - I have done so.
Weird bug this - It seems to have been triggered by selecting the jersey immediately during the same group ride on which it was achieved and while dressed in the group ride kit. When the group ride ended, the jersey worn reverted to the one selected prior to the start of the ride and not the selected level 60 one. The level 60 kit disappeared completely from the garage.
Ah well, another day, another bug!