Levels lost - DB rollback or recalculation?

(Daren Chandisingh [Vision]) #1

I lost more than a whole level between Saturday and last night. When I finished the 112 mile MTS challenge ride I was well into level 10, had the Imperial Century jersey, Zipp 808 wheels and stuff. Last night I logged in and I was back at level 8 without the jersey or wheels.

Oddly, my rides are still there on myZwift, so it doesn’t look like a simple DB rollback – and no one else seems to be complaining about it so I guess it’s just me.

But that 112 miles hurt like heck so I’d really like the points back! :smiley:

Opened a support ticket here but it’s had no response yet:


(Daren Chandisingh [Vision]) #2

Does ayone know what the support hours actually are?

(Bjorn Egil Bakke) #3

I just had this same issue. Lost over a level and jersey from century and lvl11.

This frustrates me after that insane effort.

Havent you heard from support still? :open_mouth:

(Daren Chandisingh [Vision]) #4

Yep, I’ve heard from support - my ticket is still open. I uploaded my .fit file and the log from the ride. The log has all the entries for the unlocks and shows the ride uploading at the end. So it looks like everything should have been fine…

It’s now been escalated to the developers to investigate, but they’re also busy writing the game so Jason reckoned it might be 2-3 weeks before they get round to it.

(Bjorn Egil Bakke) #5

Ok. That is a long time!

(Daren Chandisingh [Vision]) #6

Yep, but it’s fair enough I suppose. They’re a small team and the focus is on preparing for prime time. No doubt they’ve bigger fish to fry than a couple of guys who are missing a virtual jersey. =)

Just as long as we eventually get the items and the points/miles back… There’s a chance they might write it off and play the “mmm, beta!” card. That’d be harsh, but also the sort of thing that happens when beta testing a product.

(Bjorn Egil Bakke) #7

Dont really care too mutch for the XP, as long as I get my 100mile jersey =)

(Daren Chandisingh [Vision]) #8

Hi Bjorn, There seems a plausible explanation for my problem. I logged in to Zwift at work on Friday to “Just watch” and give people Ride Ons. I forgot, and left that session logged in over the weekend. When I exited Zwift on Monday, it seems that session overwrote my 112 mile session from Sunday. A bit annoying as there was no actual data to upload, and I don’t think it should have overridden a different session, but that’s the sort of glitch beta is there to pick up on. It might be that you have similar overlapping sessions on different computers.

(Bjorn Egil Bakke) #9


That seems like a good explination for your case maybe, but I havent used another PC to log on my account for several weeks.