Cartelli kit unlock problem

Hi I don’t understand. Did the roll with Castelli ride today and didn’t receive the jersey again. Still didn’t receive last week’s jersey ass well butt received the rest of the jerseys I got from events like the wedu jersey I received from the wedu event

Is this definitely a ride where you get to keep the kit? Because plenty of rides let you wear the kit just for that ride, and it doesn’t get unlocked.

It said that if you complete the event you can keep the jersey

The description confirms this:

Complete the ride to unlock the all-new Castelli 2022 kit.

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I suggest contacting Zwift support.

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It’s funny because it is the second castelli event I didn’t get my jersey

There’s a quirk I’ve noticed a few times with unlocks: sometimes you have to finish the qualifying ride, save & sync, close and re-open the app, then start a new ride. Most often, that nets me an orange pop-up banner for the new unlocked kit.

I’d try that first before contacting support.

Hi @Thinus_Maritz

It seems you didn’t get the jersey even after two attempts to complete the event, and I get how that can be confusing or frustrating.

As others mentioned, this is most likely an issue where our support team will have to take a closer look, and manually unlock/credit the jersey as needed.

It seems you’ve already sent our team an email request, so we’ll work with you on this matter. Thanks!

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