Group Ride Kit - 2 Questions

2 questions about getting kits in group rides.

  1. After I cross the “finish line” of a group ride-and thrown back into the world -  it seems like my jersey changes to my previous kit but that others I was riding with remain in the group kit. Why? Is it just my imagination? Or have others earned the kit and I have not?

  2. I have completed at least 2 rides in which I was suppose to unlock a kit/jersey but nothing has shown up in my customization. (Amgen Tour of California and Garneau Sportive Series) (and, Yes, I have scrolled all the way right). Do I need to enter a code? or should they just show up. I have earned other kits as I have increased levels and the rides are showing in my activities. Any thoughts?

i dont have the kit either after participating.   im in the same situation.   did i miss a code?  no email?  

I had the same problem after doing the Garneau. Lodged a ticket and I got my kit within a couple of days.

I have had the same problem with two events.  One of the Sugio events and Tour of California.  Both times I have opened Zwift Technical tickets.  I have yet to get the Sugio Kit, and the ToC was last night, so I’m gonna give them some time on that one.

Thanks for the comments. I gather that the kit is just suppose to show up. I will go ahead and submit a ticket.

@Jonathan.  If the event says it’s a jersey unlock, it should be automatic when you finish.  On a side note, the Tour of Watopia says you have to complete all 7 stages to get the Jersey unlock.  Most of them it’s just complete the event.


I know with the Tour of Watopia I have to do all 7 - doing Stage 4 tonight.

I did find this post from from Scott B on Tuesday…Is the clup jersey something different? 

How do I get my jersey/ kit in the game?

_ Scott B. _
Tuesday at 08:31

Due to overwhelming demand, we’ve had to shut down the club jersey program for now to concentrate on improving the core Zwift experience. Yeah, we know that’s a bummer!

The good news is that we want to do this as much as you. We plan on restarting the program again at some point in the future once we iron out a few technical things that will enable this program to scale. We can’t give you an exact date at this time.

Stay tuned, and Ride On!

@Jonathan  I saw that “club jersey” thread.  I believe that would be like if your local bike shop wanted to upload the shop jersey or racing team jersey to be in Zwift.  They stopped doing that.  Hopefully it comes back because I would like to have my local racing team jersey in Zwift.

I had the same issue - missing an Amgen and Garneau kit from recent rides… I submitted tickets and still waiting to see if they show up.


I did log in today and I had both kits finally unlocked.  Tour of Cali and Sugoi ride.

mine are now unlocked - thanks Zwift support staff!

Yep. I got mine, too. Thanks Staff!

(I just hope I don’t always have to do a ticket to get them)