HERD group ride, but no kit?

I heard (excuse the pun!) That if you did a HERD group ride then you would be able access their new kit in the garage. I did a group ride with them today, zwift kicked me out so didn’t record it was the HERD ride (ZP is showing it though?) But no HERD kit :frowning:
Any ideas or was this false??

To get the virtual Herd kit you need to join and complete a Herd group ride. As you said there was a glitch with Zwift and it kicked you out before the end of the ride that would be why the jersey didn’t unlock for you.

You can join another group ride and complete it and the jersey should be in your garage upon completion of the whole ride. Also make sure you game version is up to date and you aren’t logged in on any other devices to prevent any zweirdness that would prevent the jersey from unlocking.