Group Ride Event Kits Not Showing Up

I did a group ride last week and upon completing it I unlocked The Herd kit, however, since then I have done two rides (A Rapha group workout and a Twenty24 group ride) that were both supposed to unlock jerseys and after completing the rides neither of the kits showed up. I followed the advice of support and closed Zwift and force quit the app on my PC and still nothing.

I put in a support ticket for the first one (the Rapha jersey) and they are looking into it, but I’m curious if there is something I’m missing or is this a common issue? I’d rather not have to put in a support ticket every time I do a ride to get the jersey that is supposed to unlock when this should be a pretty straight forward system. It’s weird that it worked fine for my first group ride, but then the subsequent two didn’t work at all.

What’s the deal?

Edit: I looked at the events from that search you linked me, nothing in the companion app says anything about jersey unlocks and the icon is exactly the same as the ones I rode in mentioned above. This is exactly what I’m talking about, where exactly am I supposed to look to see whether something offers an unlock or not when the app doesn’t say/show anything except a hashtag at the end of the giant block of text in the description and nothing from the app itself.

Neither of those two rides you mentioned are set up to unlock the jerseys.

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Then why does it show a jersey in the event information and how are we supposed to know which events are set up to unlock them? It looked exactly the same as the one I did that unlocked the jersey. I took two hours off work this morning to do the event so that I could unlock the jersey, and if it wasn’t set up to unlock then I definitely would not have wasted vacation time for it.

It normally includes it in the event description if an unlock is included

This search shows you all the events that unlock a jersey after the event: Events

The events that you did were just rides where you get to ride in the jersey but don’t get to keep it. Twenty24 are an Elite racing team and generally you have to be part of that team in order to receive the jersey.

Well if that’s the case someone in the UIX team needs to make the UI more clear, because it’s not at all obvious and as a software developer myself I’m usually quite good at noticing things like that.

It’s not anything to do with a UI, nor do i think being a software developer gives you an advantage.

It’s more to do with an ability to read, if it says it unlocks the jersey then it does, if it doesn’t say that it doesn’t.

Occasionally you might get an unlock when it doesn’t state that but in those circumstances it’s a bonus and at least you didn’t enter under false pretences.

I wouldn’t class not receiving a jersey unlock a waste of your holiday time either. Consider it as good training.


It is a UI issue if it isn’t effectively communicating information, and being a software developer who works with UI design to convey information to customers absolutely does give me an advantage since I generally understand how/why apps are developed and I’m used to looking at how things are structured with a critical eye since it’s my job.

And it absolutely was a waste of my time, I don’t enjoy working out in the morning and I could easily have waited until after work in the evening when I normally ride and not burned my vacation time for no reason.

This is extremely annoying and I’m very frustrated right now, so I don’t really appreciate my concerns being dismissed and belittled as if “reading” has anything to do with an icon on a poorly designed mobile app and in a game with a clunky UI that isn’t laid out very well.

I can’t really be bothered to enter into a debate on this one.

You’re clearly a dissatisfied user whose frustration is getting the better of them and you’ve moved from disappointment about not receiving a virtual jersey to claiming Zwift has wasted your holiday time and finally berating the product in general.

Have a moment of reflection and I’m sure tomorrow will be a better day for you.
If not there are other training apps available.


I am not a dissatisfied user, I like Zwift quite a lot. That does not mean I am not entitled to be critical of things I don’t think are well done about it or that I do not have a right to ask for information and to provide feedback on something that I believe is very important if Zwift is going to continue to improve.

Frankly, your attitude is pretty poor, you come into my thread where I’m asking for information and imply that I “can’t read” because something was unclear in the companion app, tell me that my holiday time wasn’t wasted because I got a “workout” instead of making money, and then proceed to white knight and imply I should use a different training program.

Well no thanks, I quite like Zwift and I would rather bring to light it’s shortcomings so they can iterate and improve upon it, and one of the key areas for growing the platform and retaining happy users is UIX and clarity of information.

For example, if an event doesn’t unlock a jersey then there shouldn’t be a jersey icon in the event. That makes it look like it’s an unlock for completing the event, and at the very least it should have a clear indicator (text or otherwise) stating that it does not unlock the jersey.

For another thing, there needs to be a way to search for events in the companion and in the game by club or by jersey unlock. Those are motivating factors for many riders who enjoy the “game” aspect of Zwift and that link the staff member provided to an outside site isn’t clear at all how they created that search.

Things need to be simple and straight forward, they need to be labeled, and basic functionality like searching for rides by clubs or by unlocks should be standard features. Being critical of something is not “berating” the product, and I didn’t come in here demanding anything or talking about leaving the platform or being unsatisfied.

I expressed my annoyance and frustration, which considering I burned holiday time instead of making a pretty significant hourly rate for two hours is justified in my opinion. You can disagree, but I do not take my time being wasted lightly and I feel like I wasted my time this morning now.

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Can i invite you to join me in my running event starting next week?

To clarify though we’ll be wearing a jersey that you get to wear for the event and not keep.

That’ll avoid any disappointment.

Take care look after yourself.

Feedback accepted, but the jersey icon is there to show what jersey you wear. It does not indicate (although I appreciate how you would make this assumption) that you will receive the jersey after the event.

Thank you for making you point and opinion clearly and I’ll feed back to our relevant teams.

I’m closing this thread as I can only really see it going one way.