Kit Unlocks after Event rides

Apologies if this is a newbie post. I took part in the INEOS Grenadier Group Ride at 16:05 GMT today after I seen the post on the zwift instagram. The post stated you would unlock the INEOS Grenadier Jersey after completing a group ride. After finishing I have not unlocked anything. Is there a reason for this / is there a way of knowing if the event will unlock a jersey before taking part?

It normally tells you in the event description if there is a kit unlock. Sometimes you have to log out and back in for it to take effect.

ZwiftHacks events app does not show the “jersey unlock” setting for the INEOS rides

I’m not sure why Zwift Instagram says the ride unlocks the jersey. I’m fairly sure the ride doesn’t unlock a jersey but happy to see what others say.

Very often the ride puts you into the kit and sometimes it does unlock the jersey. However for the November Ride Series I think all that is available is a November Ride Series mission badge for doing all three team rides.

Information is generally available on this forum:

Or a very good website, especially for new Zwifters, for information is ZwiftInsider.

I can see the text saying that you unlock a badge, not a jersey.

Zwift never makes WorldTour team jerseys available to “keep”, only to wear during a particular ride.

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