Monthly Missions

We are excited to announce the January monthly mission (cycling only). During the monthly missions, you can do scheduled events or free rides towards the progress of completing these missions but please be aware that meet-ups do not count towards mission progression. Each month, you will have the opportunity to unlock a badge and a backwards cap.

Looking to register for the event? Sign up in-game on the homescreen:

January Mission:
Fit & Fast
Complete 5 unique workouts throughout the month of January
Registration Launch: Dec 27
Campaign Launch: Jan 3 @ 14:00 UTC
Registration End: Jan 30
Campaign End: Jan 31 @ 23: 59 UTC
Recommended activity: “Less Than 30 Minutes to Burn” in the workouts collection. Have you tried the newly added ones, including Control the Burn, Heat Wave, Lunar Light, and more?

February Mission:
Sky’s the Limit
Climb 3,000 meters thought the month of February
Registration Launch: Jan 25 @ 16:00 UTC
Campaign Launch: Feb 1 @ 16:00 UTC
Registration End: Feb 27 @16:59 UTC
Campaign End: Feb 28 @ 16:59 UTC
Recommended activity: Check out the most infamous climbs on Zwift Zwift How-To: Maximize Your Climbing | Zwift.

March Mission:
Fiving and Thriving
Complete 5 events throughout the month of March
Registration Launch: Feb 22 @ 16:00 UTC
Campaign Launch: Mar 1 @ 16:00 PTC
Registration End: Mar 30 @ 23:59 UTC
Campaign End: Mar 31 @ 23:59p UTC
Recommend activity: Check out Tour of Watopia (starts March 6th). To learn more about Tour of Watopia, click here.

April Mission:
Conquer a Classic
Ride 145.5km throughout the month of April
To learn more about the Conquer a Classic mission, check out the FAQ here.
Registration Launch: Mar 27 @ 16:00 UTC
Campaign Launch: Apr 3 @ 16:00 UTC
Registration End: Apr 29 @ 23:59 UTC
Campaign End: Apr 30 @ 23::59 UTC
Recommended Activity: Check out April’s ZRacing series, “Cobble Crusher.” To learn more about ZRacing, click here.

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This post will be updated monthly with the next months mission

Do these have to be Zwift workouts, or can they be custom workouts or imported workouts (e.g. TrainingPeaks)?

In one of the previous Missions (last year) I used a Custom Workout and that was counted.

Custom workouts do count towards mission progress. You just would not get credit for completing the same workout more than once or doing a workout as a meet-up.

What’s up with the new home screen showing “fake” meet ups? I’ve seen this happen before and it is happening to whoever took this screen shot…

What screenshot?

this graphic

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What fake meet ups do you see? I only see events and workouts.

Please define “Unique” workouts. Using this term only serves to confuse imo.

It would also be helpful to specify that group rides do/don’t count under the Fit & Fast January Mission details:

Unique = different. i.e. you can’t do the same workout twice and have both count.

Group rides <> workouts

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First event. It is not an actual event, but rather a meet up. I don’t believe meet ups say “Meet up” where it would normally say group ride. This has happened to me if I linger on the home screen for a bit. Seems a bit random though.

@brumohr - Thank you for the feedback. I did try to clarify what defines a unique workout in the top blurb:

Going forward, I will add a little more definition on what qualifies

I see that frequently, too. It has seemed similar to a meetup, though I was never invited to one nor created one. It just looks like a group ride, with only A cat (5.0-1.0 wkg, it says :man_shrugging:), the route name + map (no event or meetup ever does that for me), and 0 people are signed up.

AWESOME! I love evergreen posts and have just added this one to the Resource Wiki.

As someone who doesn’t really care about workouts, I assume I could set up custom workouts with “free ride” sections, and those would count?


Why would someone like that even care about this mission?

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Badge collecting. Just like all the pointless Strava challenges I sign up to.



FWIW, I haven’t done an erg workout in years but did one the other day for this mission. It was fun and actually got me interested in doing more workouts. “Mission accomplished?” :person_shrugging:


I did one last week as well. But I’d be doing them just for the sake of it being “a workout”. I don’t have any training goals or specific focus.

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Just to clarify, if you do a workout during a meetup, does that count?