October '22 Mission

I did a workout this morning (actually a Zwift Academy workout) and once finished and downloaded, refreshed Zwift, I noticed it didn’t count for the October workout mission. The only thing I can think of is you need to launch the workout from the October mission window (rather than going directly to the workout folders)?

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Did you register for the Mission on the homescreen? I think this needs to be done first.


Yes Tom, I did register.

Talking about the October mission.

It would be great if there was a bit more information about it.


It is a great pity to have to say this, but it is very common that Zwift messes things up while starting a new mission, event series or alike. Therefore it is not unlikely that this is the case here too. Just wait two or three days and start again. :wink:


I did a workout and one of the races of “Race like a champ” today, but both counted towards this one: :slight_smile:

Hi all, just seeking clarification, the Tune-Up October 2022 Mission is a repeat of the Zwift Academy 2022 workouts?

Additional information:
I registered for the Tune-Up mission via the Home screen. When I click on the mission tile and then on the workouts button, it takes me to the Zwift Academy 2022 workouts. Is that correct?

Screen Shot 2022-10-05 at 6.44.14 am



It’s any 4 workouts (excluding custom).



Similarly, I registered for the Oct Tune Up mission when it was first displayed as well. Today I did an existing athlete inspired workout, exited Zwift & checked back a few hours later. Sadly, the workout was not registered with the mission either. Came here to find any clarification if it was for any workout or a specific set of workouts. Sounds like it’s supposed to be any workout (except custom). Like others, when I first entered the mission screen to do a workout, the Zwift Academy 2022 workouts opened first. I believe these just happened to open first as they were the last ones I completed.

Oh well, will check back in a few days to see if Zwift has resolved the mission failure or not.

Looking into this now everyone. Presently it is not working.


Thanks. I also did another workout this morning, launching it from the October mission icon first(rather than going directly to workouts) and that didn’t work either. Finished the workout but still recording at zero percent progress in the mission.

Hi Everyone! Thanks for flagging this up. We are currently looking into two issues:

  • Workouts not crediting progress towards mission

  • Clicking on game tile takes you to the Zwift Academy workouts folder

I will post an update as we know more and/or have a resolution.


Not sure if za finishline ride counts for this months mission as it was given xp as a workout, but no credit to the mission, unless no double counting.

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Are the missing Champ mission credits also being looked at? Did a champ race on Monday evening (ftp bump, yay me!) but no credit :frowning:

@Simon_Funnell - Yes, we are also looking into that

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Will we receive the credit fro the champs race

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Where did you find the information that custom workouts don’t count (beside the fact that it doesn’t seem to work in general, actually)? The only information I found was posted by Eric: Tune-Up Mission Announced for October | Zwift Insider - from my point of view a custom workout is a “on demand” workout…
Zwift should really clarify things more precisely…

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Hi All! The Tune Up mission is now fixed but we are still investigating the reports of ZA workouts not counting towards progress.

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