October '22 Mission

Great - Than you, please can you confirm how we get credit for rides completed?

We are looking into that now. I will update once we know next steps for members who had already completed rides towards mission progression

Thank you much

Hi All,

I have applied credit to members for the October Tune-up Mission.

We are still working on the issues that were reported for the October ZRacing - Race Like a Champ events.

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I was only credited for 1 WO (I did 2). Thank you for the reply to this (I have contacted support on this matter)

Hi Amanda!
I don’t want to be a killjoy - but it’s still not working for me :frowning:
Yes, you credited me for the first workout (thanks!) but I did a second workout a few minutes ago. Progress still says 1/4 instead 2/4.
Could you please investigate what went wrong? Thanks in advance!

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hey @Phi_Zirker - I just took a look and I see the progress on the mission at 50% (2 workouts). There might have just been a lag in it counting towards the progress but should be good now :slight_smile:

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@Shawn_Price-Team_ZF - You are also showing 50% (2 workouts) progress towards the mission now :slight_smile:

I now have three credits, so I guess the ZA Finish Line ride counted.


Thank you for letting me know this and glad it got fixed (hopefully ZRacing can also be fixed)

Did a workout a couple days ago and it still hasn’t counted for me.

I’ve done the Depleting Workout which is the no. 4 of Zwift Academy Road. In workouts it shows that is completed with today’s date, but in the main checklist it’s missing and it affects the main completion percentage also.

Proving screenshots here:

Please help me!

Did anyone ever get credit for the Race Like A Champ race 1? or is it just me that didn’t get credit for it. Not sure if it’s worth doing again.

It was only the Monday events up to around 8pm UTC that didn’t count, the others should have.

We’ll get them credited, it’s just taking a bit of time.

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I’m still waiting. Really don’t know whether Zwift are going to sort it!!

Just had 3 previous workouts count. Not sure which ones tho

I’m still having the same issue =( I did a Unicorn workout this morning, so not short and not easy, and no credit even after I exited and restarted Zwift.

Didt a full star workout this morning…
No credit

Did a ZA workout this morning that didn’t count for the Oct tune up mission… what’s up?

Emailed support about my ZRacing race 1 not counting and they claim they can see it on their end and are blaming my multiple devices I use aka my iPhone (which I only use for the companion app) and my PC (which I use to ride and record on Zwift). Support is very bad (to put it nicely) as I also emailed them about a kit that never unlocked but again they were useless on this manner as well. I am not confident at all I will get the credit for ZRacing which is a real shame as I wanted the badge.