Workout 6 not getting ticked off

"I just finished the last (6th) work out with zwift academy but it hasn’t been registered (ticked off) on my account as finished :confused: anyway to get this done?


Have you saved and exited the ride? The last activity I see for you is workout 2 from Oct. 2nd.

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I have the same issue with the same ride as you did 30 min ago. My ride is shown in my activity feed in Zwift. Hope that it just take a moment to sync or something as I do not have much time to do it again before the finish line ride.


Yes saved and logged out and it saved on the zwift activity page and also on my stava

If it doesn’t turn up soon (sometimes the Zwift hamsters are busy elsewhere when it comes to badges and progression updates), then it’s likely the same issue that Zwift are looking at …

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Exact same here. Finished 6 a few hours agovas a Group workout, shows in my feed but not ticked off in ZA progress

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Same. I did 5 and 6 today and didn’t get credit. The rides are logged on my feed and Strava as well.

Did you save the rides separately or all as one activity?

Separately. I did 5. Logged out and did 6 later. Good news is I show the workouts completed now!

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All sorted now, :+1: time for the finish line

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Fixed here as well after good night sleep. Doing the finish line ride on Sunday!

I did the long workout 6 yesterday and today realized I got no credit. So I did the short workout today. And guess what? No credit this time either. I guess my academy is over. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I don’t know what happened but my ride finally counted.