Avec Femmes and Spring Training missions not credited

Hi, I did the 3rd workout in the spring training plan and that didn’t get credited towards completion of that plan/mission, and the 16 miles ridden didn’t get credited towards the April Avec Femmes mission. The ride itself is registered in my zwift activities file (and was appropriated registered in Strava as well). Anyone else having this issue? Zwift, any chance to push the miles over to the April Mission and get credit for the 3rd workout in the Spring training plan? thanks! Jim

I’ve had the same issue. Two rides haven’t counted km toward the February mission. I’ve also done the first workout solo, my training mission is still 0/6.

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Same here.
Seems that they invented another bug within the latest update (to v1.34).
I was doing Spring Training #3 yesterday and #4 a few minutes ago. Both haven’t been counted.
I’ll send my .fit files to the Zwift support and ask them to credit this rides.
#1 and #2 have been credited correctly - but they have been done before my Zwift was updated to 1.34

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I’ve just asked the same question,:roll_eyes:The Zwift Spring Training rides are not being credited.

On Thursday night I did my first spring workout. On Friday morning I did Race #3 in zracing. noticed after that it didn’t show up top. I’m 0% complete for Spring workout and says 2 of 4 races complete. My rides show up everywhere, including Strava. I just didn’t get credit for them on my mission. On THursday when I logged in, my Laptop did a small update. might have caused this ??

Same issue here

I rode the group workout for the first workout on April 20, 9 pm ET and showing no credit.

Same here, just done the 1st Spring Training workout, not credited, still on 0%. Also did 12 miles during it, Avec Femmes has not increased.

Hi Zwift, just for additional information, I just did a quick 2 mile free ride to see if the miles this morning would get credited to the Avec Femmes mission, and unfortunately not. This was after I uninstalled and reinstalled the zwift program (per your instructions by email/post) and that didn’t work to get me the credits to the 2 missions and it still is not recording my progress. Suggestions?

Hi,did a workout today,the activity was recorded but is still showing 0% complete and 0/6 Workouts ?
Is it slow updating or do I have to enter something?

I don’t think it’s slow updating. I did my first workout Thursday night. Just finished a ride. Now it is noon on Saturday. I’m still 0% complete and 0/6 Workouts.

Same for me. I’ve done 5/6 from the workout folder and showing 0% completed.

None of my rides, group or solo, being credited either.

Same for me - Spring Training 2023, have completed 4/6 but progress showing 2/6 and 33%.

Watch The Femmes - have the completion email but app showing 112/146km 77%.

Same here

I just did Cobble Crusher race #3 again and I still didn’t get credit for it on the monthly mission. checked my workout mission, still 0/6 or 0 percent complete. Hopefully Zwift can fix this problem before the end of the month.

I have now done Spring Training Workout #1 twice and it still shows 0% complete

Has anyone gone through a support ticket on this yet?

50km this morning. Did not count to the April mission. It would have been enough for it to complete. Honestly, zwift have been going for years and this stuff still happens on a regular basis.

Yes John, I did; they had me uninstall and reinstall to try and fix, but that didn’t work. Still waiting to hear back from them on next steps.