ZRacing Monthly Missions

We are excited to release the ZRacing Monthly missions! Just like the Zwift Monthly Missions, this post will be updated monthly with the upcoming missions.

During the ZRacing Monthly Missions, we will offer a consistent schedule of races lasting less than 1 hour including the time it takes to warm up and cool down. Categories will include A-D and will utilize category enforcement… Not only will you have the opportunity to compete for overall monthly GC hosted on ZwiftPower, there will be monthly badge unlocks to add to your collection for completing all 4 stages.

Looking to register for the event? Sign up in-game on the homescreen or on Zwift.com/racing:

April ZRacing Mission:
Cobble Crusher
Tackle four routes in game including some newly added cobble sectors that will be added to the France map.
Registration Start: March 27 @ 15:00 UTC
Registration End: April 29 @ 23:59 UTC
Campaign Start: April 2 @ 23:00 UTC
Campaign End: April 30 @ 23:59 UTC

May ZRacing Mission:
Crit Club
The name says it all, a month of high speed racing and countless laps around the crit courses on Zwift.
Registration Start: April 24 @ 15:00 UTC
Registration End: June 3 @ 23:59 UTC
Campaign Start: April 30 @ 23:00 UTC
Campaign End: June 4 @ 23:59 UTC

June ZRacing Series:
OG Racing
Time to pay homage to some of the original racing on Zwift. Race classic routes as we head back to our roots.
Registration Start: May 29 @ 15:00 UTC
Registration End: July 1 @ 23:59 UTC
Campaign Start: June 4 @ 23:00 UTC
Campaign End: July 2 @ 23:59 UTC

July ZRacing Series:
Beach Party
Sun’s out and it’s time to hit the beach! Complete all four stages to unlock the Beach Party badge.
Registration Start: June 26 @ 15:00 UTC
Registration End: July 29 @ 23:59 UTC
Campaign Start: July 2 @ 23:00 UTC
Campaign End: July 30 @ 15:59 UTC

August ZRacing Series:
Race the Worlds
It’s your chance to feel the thrill of the IRL Championships in the month of August on Glasgow courses that are event only routes.
Registration Start: July 23 @ 15:00 UTC
Registration End: September 1 @ 23:59 UTC
Campaign Start: July 30 @ 23:00 UTC
Campaign End: September 2 @ 23:59 UTC

September ZRacing Series:
Get Rolling
Conquer some of Zwift’s best rolling routes and keep that summer fitness momentum going.
Registration Start: August 28 @ 15:00 UTC
Registration End: September 30 @ 23:59 UTC
Campaign Start: September 3 @ 23:00 UTC
Campaign End: October 1 @ 23:59 UTC

October ZRacing Series:
Race Watopia
Complete 5 stages of racing, all across Watopia!
Registration Start: September 25 @ 15:00 UTC
Registration End: November 3 @ 00:59 UTC
Campaign Start: October 1 @ 23:00 UTC
Campaign End: November 5 @ 00:59 UTC

November ZRacing Series:
Neokyo Nights
Feel the rush of nighttime racing as we head to the bright, bustling city of Neokyo.
Registration Start: October 30 @ 15:00 UTC
Registration End: December 2 @ 00:59 UTC
Campaign Start: November 6 @ 00:00 UTC
Campaign End: December 3 @ 00:59 UTC

December ZRacing Series:
Best of
Join December’s “Best Of” series and ride some of this year’s most popular routes. Complete all four stages to earn yourself the “Best Of” badge!
Registration Start: December 27 @ 16:00 UTC
Registration End: December 31 @ 00:59 UTC
Campaign Start: December 4 @ 00:00 UTC
Campaign End: January 2, 2024 @ 00:59 UTC

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This post will be updated monthly with the next months mission. This post will close on January 1, 2024 and a new post will be created for the 2024 series.

Will these be available outside of this event too?

No, they are event specific.

Boo hiss!

Spelling of March?

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It’s been there all month and you notice with 3 days of March left :joy:

I’ve let them know :slight_smile:


I am a bit slow. LOL

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@Gerrie_Delport_ODZ that is to funny, @James_Zwift how much new roads in france ?

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none i think they are laying down some cobbles for us to enjoy on what’s usually paved in sections

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There aren’t any new roads, but there’s a new route being added.

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May’s mission has been added to this post:

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Hi Amanda :slight_smile:

I would like to know why on Stage 4 (July 24-30): [Turf N Surf] is not available the usual schedule on Tuesday at 6:10 am UK time… it is the only schedule that our team can race and this way its very difficult to do the last stage…

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

EVO Aurora


Hi Amanda stage 4 of Beach Party has lost many of the normal start times. We have raced every single stage of each racing series at 06.10 uk on a Tuesday but this is not available for stage 4. Any idea why?


Amanda, similar to the two comments above, I’m also enquiring about the missing races from the schedule… Specifically Tue at 7:10 (CET)!
Please can this race, and other missing ones be added back into the schedule for Stage 4: Turf N Surf.


Hi Amanda, as the EVO Aurora team Captain, we have have been using this timeslot at 6:10am U.K. as a way to bring a large group of EVO CatC riders together to practice racecraft.

Please can you reinstate this session?

Thanks Greg Shed [EVO]


Hi Amanda, pretty much the same point as the comments above. Was the reduction in time slots something that’s going to be permanent moving forward for future Zracing monthly series, or was it just a mistake for this upcoming week? If the former, it might be worth a more public announcement, and also worth revisiting which time slots to keep – for example, the 12:10 and 18:10 Monday time slots in New York UTC-4 time (16:10 and 22:10 UTC time respectively) usually draw more people relative to the other time slots around those times, but both were removed. Also removing the 18:10/22:10 slot creates a pretty big 4 hour chasm between races.


Hi Amanda, disappointed to hear this, I thought the zRacing series races were going to be used as part of the new racing points/categorisation algorithm. I have been taking part in the Tuesday morning event despite being injured in the hope of measuring my progress against the same people.


I wonder if @James_Zwift knows if this was intentional. It seems like an error. It might not get attention over the weekend but probably will tomorrow.