Zwift Ride Series

We are excited to kick off the Zwift Ride Series! Just like the Zwift Monthly Missions and ZRacing Monthly Missions, this post will be updated monthly with the upcoming missions.

During the Zwift Rides Series, curated courses require 30-45 minutes of effort and the opportunity to unlock another awesome badge to add to your collection!

Looking to register for the event? Sign up in-game on the homescreen. To learn more, check out

June Zwift Ride Series:
Coastal Cruise
It’s time to do some island hopping with the Coastal Cruise Zwift Ride Series! This beach bash offers 2 options each week. Group A is set to party a little longer and Group B is a great option if you’re looking for a quick trip through the tropics of Zwift. Rides will take place hourly on the quarter hour throughout the month but please be aware, there will be no makeup week.

Registration Start: May 22 @ 15:00 UTC
Registration End: July 2 @ 06:00 UTC
Campaign Start: June 5 @ 13:00 UTC
Campaign End: July 3 @ 10:00 UTC

Stages: There will be 4 stages that of rides along the cost of Watopia and Makuri

  • Stage 1: June 5 @ 14:00 UTC - June 12 @ 13:00 UTC
  • Stage 2: June 12 @ 14:00 UTC - June 19 @ 13:00 UTC
  • Stage 3: June 19 @ 14:00 UTC - June 26 @ 13:00 UTC
  • Stage 4: June 26 @ 14:00 UTC - July 3 @ 08:00 UTC

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This post will be updated monthly with the next months series.