Tour de Zwift 2021 FAQ

What is Tour de Zwift?
This is Zwift’s largest tour of the year! Ride or run through eight stages each with three different routes. Choose your own adventure and explore each stage however you want. By the end, you will have a taste of Zwift’s most must-see places, so grab your passport—the journey begins soon.

Registration opens December 16 2020

When does Tour de Zwift embark and finish?
Stage 1 takes off on Jan 4. The final stage wraps up on Feb 12.
In addition, there will be one week of make-up stages from Feb 13–20.

What if I miss a stage?
Makeup stages will be available from Feb 13 to Feb 20, after Stage 8 finishes.
During that week, we’ll host events to cover all eight stages. Event slots are limited, so make sure to get in your rides and runs!

What do I get for completing all stages?
Hit all destinations in either or both Tour de Zwift Ride or Run, and you’ll come away with a brand new cap, socks, and 2021 Tour de Zwift kit!

Can I race within a group ride during the Tour?
Yes. You decide how your journey unfolds. As long as you cross the finish line, you’ll receive credit.

I’d like to run and ride all of Tour de Zwift.
We are impressed by your levels of wanderlust! You can both ride AND run the Tour. By doing so, you’ll receive even more unlocks for your achievements.

Are there Women-Only group rides?
Absolutely. All Category D group rides will be for women only.

What’s the difference between the ride categories?
Each stage will offer three different routes for you to explore.
Each category represents the stage’s themes—ride one or ride them all!
Category A will be the longest ride, requiring the most amount of time.
Category C will require the shortest amount of time to complete.
Category B and D will be the same route and will lie somewhere in between Category A and C in terms of duration.

You will see these categories listed as:
Category A: Longer Ride
Category B: Standard Ride
Category C: Shorter Ride
Category D: Standard Ride (Women Only)

What’s the difference between the run categories?
Each stage will offer two different routes for you to explore. Both categories represent the stage’s themes—run one or run them both!

Category A will be the longest run, requiring the most amount of time.
Category B will require the shortest amount of time to complete.

You will see these categories listed as:
Category A: Longer Run
Category B: Shorter Run

What are Rookie Rides/Runs?
If you have never done a group ride or run before, or had a difficult first attempt, the Tour de Zwift Rookie Ride/Run is for you! Led by some of the most knowledgeable Zwifters, you’ll have a great time while learning the how-to’s of a group event.

The rides are kept between 1.2 w/kg to 2.0 w/kg in order to encourage everyone to stay together. Runs will also be kept at a slower pace with the flexibility to speed up or slow down depending on the group dynamic.

This kit is amazing! How can I get one?
You’re in luck! In partnership with premium cycling apparel brand Le Col, we’re providing the opportunity to purchase a real-life kit or tech tee inspired by the design of the in-game Tour de Zwift kit.

Grab your gear on Le Col’s site today, or participate in the Tour to get rewarded! Complete any stage and you’ll get a special email offer for $65 USD off your purchase as well as an [entry in a giveaway for a limited-edition Colnago c64 ($10K value), courtesy of Le Col.

How can I withdraw from Tour de Zwift?
Tuckered out from the adventure? No problem, just click through to officially withdraw from TdZ 2020 Run or from TdZ 2020 Ride
You can also rejoin the fun at any time!

The best way to ensure your ride is counted towards the tour is to save and exit after you see the completion banner at the end of the stage.

Some technical reasons your ride didn’t count towards the tour include:
Game crashes: thanks to your feedback, we’ve identified and fixed a crash related to the large number of avatars that your computer needs to draw. Please update to version 1.0.60640 as it rolls out across all OS platforms.

Logging in on multiple devices simultaneously: Saving & uploading immediately after each session is the surest way to avoid this problem. Swiping the app into the background on mobile OS’s may leave your session open. Additionally, we recommend having the Zwift app installed only on one device.

Working out after finishing a stage or not completing the final lap: Be sure to save and upload the session once you see the stage completion banner.

If you ran into any of the above issues, and completed most of the ride please contact us through so we can credit your stage accordingly. Please note the date & time of the stage that did not credit when you contact Support.

Hi this looks like a great event.

Please can you set up a GC leader board on zwiftpower like we have had with previous tours?



Don’t see anything mentioned about racing each stage this year, is that no longer an option?

I mean an actual race event, not just the group rides


…And what about X2 XP points as last year, will we get that this year?


That was the Tour of Watopia, not Tour de Zwift

@Eric_Schlange_ZwftIn says it is coming soon…


Hahahaha… Yes! you are right!!!


Yay, amazing idea! :heart::heart::heart: 1+++

When is the last day to register?

Registration closes the day before Tour de Zwift 2021 ends.

You can register until Feb 20 07:59am UTC / Feb 19 1:59pm PST

The last day to do a TdZ event is Feb 21 07:59am UTC / Feb 20 at 11:59pm PST

Thank you so much. I am brand new to Zwift and still learning all the little tricks. LOL

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When will the schedules be available?


Currently you don’t seem to be able to register at all. Am I too early or too late? LOL

you are to early.

The first event is 4 January 2020. They usually load the events a week before the start.


Thanks. That helps. I’ve got three disappointed friends here and we were all desperate to do it. They’re really chuffed now.

Someone else has just said they registered yesterday.

Edit: Update- ignore me and my idiocy. WHat they meant was they just registered for the whole event yesterday. You can’t register for the individual bits until they go live.

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The Events team is working hard creating all of the individual events on the calendar. When the schedules are ready (typically the week prior), you can sign up for a specific stage.

Check each stage through these pages:

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Will they be set up as races and will the events team be setting up a league on zwiftpower like we had last year?


I loved the Tour de Zwift last year - it was first event as a newbie Zwifter and I’m looking forward to it again!

Mike, I have mixed feelings about there being no races - last year’s TdZ was the first event which got me doing group rides and I loved pushing myself against others so much that it tempted me to do my first ever race - in the TdZ - and I’m glad it did!
The problem was, I didn’t know what category I should be in, so as a newbie I naturally entered D and kept getting beaten by loads of people. It wasn’t until about 3 or 4 stages in that I started reading up on Zwift and discovered I should actually be racing up in C! Because of this, while TdZ got me racing, the cats were so mixed because of all the newbies that they probably didn’t create the best experience for everyone. So until Zwift figures out auto categorisation or auto seeding, I think rides only is the right way to go. Maybe next year or the year after that could change though!