Tour de Zwift 2022 FAQ

What is the Tour de Zwift?
Of all the tours on Zwift, this is the one with the most to explore! Ride or run through eight fun-filled stages, each with three different routes. Choose your own adventure and complete each stage however you want. These are not races, they’re opportunities for you to discover some of Zwift’s must-see places.

How are the Tour de Zwift’s stages structured?
New this year and based on data-driven upgrades, longer rides will take place on the weekends and shorter routes will take place Monday - Thursday.

What’s the difference among the RIDE categories?
Each stage offers three different routes to explore. Each category represents the stage’s theme. Choose your own adventure—ride one or ride them all!

Category A will be the longest ride.
Category C will be the shortest ride.
Category B lies somewhere in between Category A and C in terms of duration.
All genders can join categories A, B, and C, but the D category is for women only and follows the same route as Category B.

The categories are:

  • Category A: Longer Ride
  • Category B: Standard Ride
  • Category C: Shorter Ride
  • Category D: Standard Ride (Women Only)

What’s the difference among the RUN categories?
Each stage offers two different routes to explore. Both categories represent the stage’s theme. Choose your own adventure—run one or run them both!

Category A will be the longest run available.
Category B will be the shortest.

The categories are:

  • Category A: Longer Run
  • Category B: Shorter Run

When does the Tour de Zwift begin and end?
Stage 1 kicks off on January 10. The final stage wraps up on February 6.
There will be one week of make-up events from Feb 7 - 13, so don’t panic if you miss a stage!

How can I register for the Tour de Zwift?
There are two ways to sign up. You can visit to get started or click “register” in the registration box on the app’s home screen.

What if I miss a stage?
Make-up stages will be available for the week of Feb 7 - 13, as soon as Stage 8 wraps up. During the week, we’ll host events that cover all eight stages. Event slots are limited, so make sure to sign up in advance.

What do I get for completing all stages?
There are four unlocks across the eight stages of the Tour.

  • Sunglasses: after 25% completion (two stage completes)
  • Socks: after 50% completion (4 stage completes)
  • Cap: after 75% completion (6 stage completes)
  • Cycling Kit/Running Shirt: 100% (8 stage completes)

Complete all eight stages and you’ll unlock the full 2022 Tour de Zwift kit!

Where can I find my unlocks?
In your Garage! If you don’t see it, just log out and log back in.

I completed both the Tour de Zwift Ride and Run but only unlocked 7 items in my garage.
We’ve got a top explorer in the house! When you unlock your sunglasses, you will notice they appear in both your ride and run Garages. This is a special unlock: one piece of kit for both ride and run.

Why isn’t my stage showing as complete after my ride/run?
Great job on completing a stage! If you don’t see your stage completion right away in the Zwift Companion app, close and reopen the app. If you still don’t see your progress, let us know here.

Is this a race?
No. You decide how your journey unfolds. As long as you finish the stage you’ll receive credit.

I’d like to run and ride all of the Tour de Zwift.
Your sense of adventure is impressive! Good news for you—you can, in fact, do both! In doing so, you’ll receive even more unlocks for your achievements.

Are there Women Only group rides?
Absolutely. All Category D group rides are women only.

What are Warm-Up Rides/Runs?
If you haven’t taken part in the Tour de Zwift before or want to learn more about this adventure, the Warm-Up Ride or Run is for you! This 20-minute group event provides schedule details, stage information, and insights on how to have a great Tour.

How can I withdraw from the Tour de Zwift?
You can withdraw by clicking one of the links below. You can also rejoin the fun at any time!

Withdraw from Tour de Zwift Ride

Withdraw from Tour de Zwift Run

Will steering finally be enabled/allowed ?

Not for this tour, but we’ll consider it for future tours.


maybe this is why they don’t want to enable steering :rofl: :rofl:

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Will it be possible to change day and time after you already made your choice?

Yes, it is just like signing up for any other event. Use the companion app to choose which day, time and route.

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For working stiffs, could Zwift consider making each stage also available on at least one weekend day?



What is not clear about this is if the longer ride is Cat A, then aren’t all the routes (longer and short) going to be available on the weekends?

The weekend routes will all be longer than the weekday ones.

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:thinking: Hmmmm, how does that work @shooj? I thought the different routes were associated with Cat A, B, C, etc… What will be different on the weekends? Only one category available?

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Maybe all of the categories will be relatively longer on the weekend than on weekdays?

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Seems like a lot of extra work, just run each stage for 7 days, problem solved.

RTFM and all becomes clear :slight_smile:
Tour du Zwift details
As much as I appreciate the posts from Shuji, there really should always be a link to Zwift Insider who consistently does a better job of writing things up than Zwift themselves.


I’m happy they have the Neokyo Crit Course for Stage 3, that (I think?) is the only ‘event only’ route that has a route badge…

Will we get badges for routes we ride as part of ToZ that we had not previously? Any extra badges or XP for participating??



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Can I do a workout during an event ride?
I would like to get the kit but I don’t have any free ride days.

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You cannot do a workout during the event. If the workout is on a platform you can download to another device, you may be able to pair one through Ant+ and one through bluetooth.

Thanks. That’s what I thought.