Tour de Zwift 2022 FAQ

Any idea when the dates/times for the ride events 7 and 8 will be released? Been saying ‘We’re adding events to the schedule. Check back soon’ for me since I signed up over a week ago.

Check the zwiftinsider article linked above, Stage 7 (Jan 31-Feb 3): Escalator

I know that’s when they’re scheduled, I just seem unable to join any particular time . The part to do that is greyed out on those 2 stages.

Generally they don’t schedule them that far out in advance and you will need to wait a few weeks until they populate. The events team has hundreds and hundreds of events to schedule every week, and I think there will be close to 1,000 tour de Zwift events this year. Be patient, they will eventually be there.

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Are the specific ride dates and times limited to a certain number of riders or can people join at the last minute based on their schedules?

No they aren’t limited, you can join at the last minute

The URL just gives me a page that says “<< TOUR DE ZWIFT 2022” but not the ability to register for a ride. Tried two browsers, Chrome and Firefox.

I’m getting the same thing, the warm up rides don’t populate on the website.

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Just singed up for this. First time doing a big event on Zwift. Let’s see how it goes.

Any update, Zwift, on when will be fixed?

Worst case, you can do a search for “TdZ Warm-up ride” on Zwift Hacks: Events

Granted it’s not great relying on a 3rd party, but it looks to list all the available warm up events and provides a link to zwift’s own pages to sign up.

Hi as a Zwift newbie I’m trying to figure out how this event works. Where will each stage be shown and how do select it? I’d like to do the training rides; where will I find those?

Are the rides adjusted for different FTP levels? Can I adjust the difficulty of the stages for my ability? and how do I know the length of each stage and how much climbing?

What happens if I can’t finish the stage due to difficulty or other reasons?

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Hi @Maria_Saiz, the best place to find these events are in the companion app.

No, they are like giant group rides, go at the pace you like.

Read the description in the companion app closely, each category (A, B, C, etc) correspond to a different route, length, elevation gain, etc.

Then you won’t get credit for the stage, you have to finish. There are shorter routes for each stage if you are having difficulty.


thanks for the info. I discovered where in the ZC to find rides. It didn’t occur to me to look there.

If I go at my pace, do I have to finish with the group? Are they ERG rides or can I shift to adjust?

I will read the description carefully as I’m not clear what category is appropriate for me. I did see that Category C or D may be better for me in terms of length.

Can I try multiple time to do the same stage or is it once and done?

No you can finish dead last or first, it doesnt matter. These are like normal rides, no ERG mode, so you will shift gears as needed.

Yes, you can try numerous times, you can ride any stage as many times as you want. Some people challenge themselves to do each of the 3 route distances for each stage as a personal goal.

Have fun!


thanks. I’m looking forward to this. It will be my first one.


Oh well. It’s not like you’d be out a dime of expense or gas money spent driving to the start line.

As I suspected, there are no “longer routes” offered on the weekends for each stage. Stage 1 ends on Friday the 14th at 2 a.m. (EST) and stage 2 covers the weekend.

You could argue that stage 2 is longer than stage 1. I guess that is what is meant by

So, each stage is not able to be completed on a weekend, some are only offered during the week. I was confused by that wording.

I wonder if there is a technical reason that stages couldn’t partially overlap, eg. Stage 1 Saturday thru Thursday, Stage 2 Wednesday thru Sunday, Stage 3 (same days of week as Stage 1) ?

No technical reason that I’m aware of. I’m guessing it is due to the sheer amount of TdZ events on the schedule already and not wanting to add more. There are already TdZ events every hour on the hour, 168 events per week.