Is there a schedule of missions, challenges, campaigns and series?

I’d like to make pretty much the same request as Brandon Orser: Easier Ways to View Challenges / Missions

It would be nice to have a calendar of missions, challenges, campaigns and series that will be on Zwift. It’s hard to believe there isn’t one, so I did a general internet search, and searched on zwift, zwiftinsider and zwifthacks – but didn’t come up with anything.

Currently I just happen upon these accidentally, or some might show up in my email. For example, I thought there was a climbing mission for the month of February, but now I can’t prove it. Rapha Rising seems to be at the end of February; maybe that was it, but the mission I thought I saw, I thought was for the whole month.

Not to my knowledge, no.

I’ve created a Resource Wiki to try to collect useful links.

One that popped up only recently is the Monthly Missions thread that is supposed to be evergreened.

For the RoboPacer schedule, ZwiftInsider is still the best source: Zwift RoboPacer Cycling Route Schedule | Zwift Insider


Crikey! Couldn’t you find an older post to reference? :joy:

Zwift are aware that a lot of us would like a bit more notice about stuff happening, rather than the usual “this starts next week” or “that is on this weekend”. But what they plan to do is yet to be seen.

This is a great suggestion! As you pointed out, we don’t currently have this available, but we have just passed on the suggestion to the appropriate team at HQ.


I recall @James_Zwift has commented on this type of a request before, noting that he was going to try and put out a more advanced schedule or something like that?

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Yeah, but probably in the summer.

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