Future Mission/Tour Information and Labeling of Events

(Ken) #1

Can you start a calendar of upcoming Tours, Missions or Fondos? This would help when organizing training for the months ahead and also we would know what we have to look forward to. I have found the Tour type events to be just the right combination for my rides…fun, challenging and competitive but not a race. Plus there is a great sense of accomplishment when they are completed. This is very motivating.

Also…there are now so many events on the event page on the Zwift website it is difficult to find out what day the events are on without scrolling slowly down the page. Can you change that page to be like the app that sorts events into days or could you add the day and date on each event entry?


(Jens) #2

I fully agree with you. Would be very convenient to filter out all events which are advertised by Zwift such as the Tour De Zwift or the fondo’s, the national championships etc.