Longer future events list

Having missed out on a few stages of the latest Tour I tried to look ahead to future events. Sadly they only show a few days ahead. It would be good to have events at least over a week away to help us plan which rides we can make.

Upvote from me! Greater consistency of event tools (filters, distance in future, see what route you are actually doing, see the workout you will be doing (when applicable), etc.) across Companion, zwiftdotcom and the actual game would be a great add.

Can you explain how you are looking for the events? The ones more than a week away have been on the schedule, except for stage 8 because its route didn’t exist. Here are a couple ways to find them:

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I guess it’s true that whenever I go more than a week forward in ZC, eventually I end up only able to see official Zwift events. Like the community ones (even weekly-repeating ones) haven’t fully been posted yet, or something.

weekly repeating events only get posted 5-6 days in advance i think it is. I assume that is all automated and run as nightly batch.

The more ad-hoc stuff needs created by the events team so they appear further out depending on when they create them

Okay, thanks.

Thanks for those additional websites, they look handy and along the lines of what I was looking for. I’ve only been using Zwift for a little while and I’m surprised how ‘clunky’ it is.