Newbie Question on Events

(Paul Buchan) #1

Hi everyone,
I’m still relatively new to Zwift, and am loving it. I completed Stage 1 of the Tour de Zwift today, and managed to not die, so I’m pretty happy. I went ahead and signed up for all the upcoming stages on dates and times that I thought would work for me. Is there an easy place to get a list of all the events that I have signed up for? Hoping I’m just missing a button somewhere.

Thanks a bunch for any help!

(Aaron) #2

Unfortunately, no. The companion app will tell you the next event coming up that you have signed up for. But there is no way to get a consolidated view of all of the events you have signed up for. This is something others have requested.

This has been requested a few times in the “Feature Request” forum. Here is a link to the most current that I could find. Add your vote to let Zwift know you want to see this implemented.

(Matthew Lindauer) #3

thanks, I actually heard back on this a few weeks ago. The post you sent me is the one I wrote. :slight_smile:

thanks for getting back to me tho.

love the product.

(Aaron) #4

:scream: Doh! My bad.

It’s too bad that there isn’t more support for this idea as it would be useful and seems like it would be relatively easy to implement. Mine is one of the other votes on that post.

(John Swafford) #5

I just had a big Fail on starting my first Zwift group ride at 7pm EST. Everything was paired. I was in the crowd about 18 minutes early, and saw people spinning on trainers. My avatar wasn’t spinning even though I was pedaling. Time reached 0 and everyone left but I couldn’t go. Restarted the companion, restarted my trainer, but nothing worked. Just left standing there with quite a few other people who apparently couldn’t get their’s working either.

I quit, and I was able to pedal okay in Zwift open world.
Pedalling in open world, I joined a 7:15pm EST Mountain challenge group ride and when I entered that one at 7:13, I could see myself spinning. It seemed to work okay this time, and I was riding with people in that group.
But I was nervous because my Companion never offered a “game” mode. And it felt like my Hammer wasn’t giving resistance… but it was a very flat ride for the next few miles so I quit.

Back in open world, I eventually reached some hills and could tell that my Hammer was working properly as far as giving resistance on hills. So I have several questions:

What do people mean by “sign up for an event”? I’ve never seen any kind of sign in thing… you just hit a “+” symbol and that’s it right?

In an event, does the Companion consider that Game?

How do you confirm the Companion is the latest version? Inside Companion, I don’t see anything that says “check for later version”.

Anyway, in my limited experience of two group rides, it seems you need to be pedalling in the open world, and then about 5 or 3 minutes before, JOIN the group event and I guess don’t stop pedaling in order to be sure you don’t time out or something.

Pretty frustrated. I wasted half my Friday evening waiting for the 7pm start, and now I’m waiting for the 9pm start to try again. I wanted to be drinking a margarita by 9pm.

(Rob Case) #6

It’s not super easy, but if you register on zwiftpower there is a page showing all of the events upcoming that you have signed up for.