Events - List of my currently signed-up-for events

Is there a way to look in my profile, or somewhere to see the complete list of events I’m currently signed up for? I usually sign up for several days or a week of events, and it would be nice for me to be able to list and print out my Zwift schedule - yeah, I’m addicted to Zwift.

There’s not anything available that’s exactly what you’re looking for, the closest thing is that in the Zwift Companion app; you can view your next scheduled event from the Home screen.

However, I think that’s a great idea! I’ll pass it on to our dev team, so they can take a look at it and take it into consideration. Thank you for your help in improving Zwift!

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The companion app gives you the option of adding the event to your phones calendar so you could look at that. Not ideal but it does work.

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Thanks - what I’ve been doing when I sign up for an event is copying the URL of that event, and a screen shot, into a Word document… then I just print out the schedule when I need it - old school - and put the printed copy next to my bike.

Having a calendar where we can see the events we have signed up for would be extremely helpful especially with Tour de Zwift stretching out over an entire month. The companion app only shows the first 5 events that I am signed up for. Also, where are the meetups listed that I have been invited too and rsvp’d for? I didn’t see them listed on the companion app either?

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And hopefully not just the companion app - I’d need it on the web site - don’t have a smart phone.

Is there any way to get ZCA to sync the event to Google Calendar (which I actually use) rather than to the iOS calendar (which I don’t use)?

well - I have a new smart phone, and indeed, it shows my next event.

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If you swipe right in the companion app where it shows your next event, you will scroll through all the events you are enrolled in.


This is the Tip-of-the-Day for me. Ever since the companion app upgrade people have been complaining about only being able to see the next enrolled event and why not show all of them. The capability was there all along but Zwift never called attention to it. Another unannounced feature, i guess. Thanks for the tip.