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I don’t see my scheduled tour de zwift 2022 segments showing up anywhere. Is there someplace where I can see them? I wrote for help, but the person that replied from zwift says that she doesn’t see anything and I’m not registered. When I click on register, it tells me that I’m registered. I don’t want to be ready to ride and find that I’m not actually scheduled for a ride.

Hi @Kris_S1, welcome to the forums.

How are you signing up for the individual stages of the tour? I suggest using the companion app for best and easier viewing (the Zwift events website lacks a lot of info).

To be clear, simply registering for the tour via the website or in the game doesn’t sign you up for any of the individual stage events, you need to do that separately. Again, I suggest using the companion app to do that.

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Keeps not letting me reply to you.

I’ve registered. Tech help from zwift says they can’t find me, but I’ve now gotten a message from zwift saying that I’m registered. I don’t see any way to sign up on the companion app. I signed up for each of the first six segments on the website. It added the segments to my calendar, but there seems to be no place that I can look to see them. I signed up for a warm up ride. It showed up in my events, but it didn’t let me in. Trying again in ten minutes. Thanks for your reply.

Just figured out why it wouldn’t let me send. I wrote the I did it on the website and wrote zwift dot com as you usually would and it thought it was a link. :slight_smile:

Hi @Kris_S1

If you swipe left under events on the companion app you will see your next event. Swift Zwift Tip: Upcoming Events Shortcut in Companion App [IOS/Android] - YouTube

Were you riding in Zwift waiting for the Join event to show up. You cant wait in the start screen you must be riding.

I was riding but I think I got there right at the appointed time. Should’ve been a few minutes earlier I guess.

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That is very helpful. Thanks. I could not figure out how to get future events that I had signed up for to show. I now have another good zwift trick in my repertoire. It does show the meet ups that I’ve signed up for and the first tour stage. I am assuming that other stages will show up in a timely fashion.

I got a reply from Zwift support with the dates and times showing that they do have a record of me, but the times don’t match. Maybe, they didn’t send for my time zone.


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