Segment Ride #2

Hello everyone,
maybe someone can answer my question.
I wasn’t able to compete in Segment ride #2 yet. Now I read that today was the last chance to compete. Isn’t there any other possibility to take part at it in the next weeks? The time periods for taking part at races and segment rides seemed to have been very short to me.

Where did you read this?

Go to use the “search in event name” filter for “segment” (or use the ZA logos). Segment ride #2 is scheduled daily Saturday through Wednesday (so far) and presumably more to be added.

Segment ride #1 on the other hand… :man_shrugging:

Yeah I still need to do segment ride #1 too - the scheduled times are not very accessible for New Zealanders and conflicted heavily for me with work and my IRL race calendar.

I now have a month of free(ish) weekends and suddenly it has disappeared from the schedule. Yet the programme says it will be available Oct 22-Nov 25. I will be gutted if I can’t complete this. I can’t plan ZA2020 around other commitments if the schedule info remains this vague.

Zwift will you continue to schedule Segment Ride #1 please?