Segment Ride #1 not scheduled anymore

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Before November 25th I would like to complete the Zwift Academy 2020 and apply for the contract. For the contract, one needs to do both races and both segment rides. However, Segment ride #1 is unavailable for a long time already. Has there been any communication this segment ride was only available at the start of the academy?

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I have not been able to get a single response on this issue. Iā€™m in the same boat and it feels like beating my head against a wall trying to get an answer.

Because of the Zwift schedule, and my schedule (work, racing, etc), this Sunday was the last opportunity for me to complete it. This has been very disappointing performance on the communication and scheduling front from Zwift this time around, I have to say.

The schedule has been updated today I see. Both segment rides are being scheduled end of this week and next week fortunately!

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Please see my response to your earlier thread!