Schedule of ZA

Right… I know about, I know about Zwiftpower and some other sources with general info on the different aspects of ZARoad. Even though I’m not competing for a contract in any form, I do like the variety of workouts, group rides, races and segment rides and would like to tick off every one of them. However I’m struggling to find info that can help me create a more long term schedule.

Example: I saw the races coming up last weekend. I couldn’t make them but figured I’d tick off race #1 on Tuesday. To my surprise these only run during the weekend so I went for a group ride instead. Now I plan to tick off the race in the coming weekend, but I also see segment #1 rides scheduled with no idea for how long these will be open.

I’d like to know the dates on which each of these events are organized. Exact times would ofcourse be helpful, but are not so important as long as I can make rough ideas on whether to prioritize the race or the segment ride this weekend. Again, I’m not in this for a contract but simply to tick off each event at least once during the academy.

Much appreciated!