ZA Segment Ride #2 schedule

Hi, I have tried to schedule Segment #2 via my ZA dashboard but, worryingly, it Joins me to a Segment #1 ride which I have already joined(earlier date). Both Segment rides ‘join’ to Innsbruck KOM After Party! Also do both these rides have to be completed before Oct 21st as that is the last date on the dashboard? I’m enjoying ZA but could do with a calendar of when the segments and races are available as it feels easy to miss out! Thanks for any help. Alex

Did you know you can do the workouts on your own? No need to wait for them to be available as a group workout (they’re in Zwift under training - workouts - ZA 2020). Obviously, though, you need to complete the group rides and races as scheduled on Companion. You have until November 25 to complete everything.

I understand that - but my query is about the scheduling of the Segment rides and Races.

I haven’t seen Segment Ride #2 scheduled yet. The Academy is continued through November 25. To get the pro contract, you need to do both in the A category by November 25. You also need to do Race #1 and 2.Race #2 is next week.

I’m doing #1 Segment tomorrow on Innsbruck. #2 Segment ride will be the Three Sisters Course on Watopia. You can practice it if you want to. I believe it will run the weekend (10/31 and 11/1)

Segment 2 is harder with the KOM before the Epic KOM.

Thanks ever so much Zee :slight_smile: really helpful with scheduling alongside running! Happy riding and good luck! Alex :slight_smile: