Group race/ride question

I planned to complete ZA across 4 weeks, doing 2 of the WOs in the week and then a GR/R at the weekend. So last week, I did WO #1 and #2, then Race #1; this week I have done WO #3 and #4… but only Race #1 is listed again on events for this weekend.

If I do Race #1 again tomorrow, will I be credited as completing the 2nd of my GR/R, bringing me up to 50% total, or will it just be ignored as I’ve already done that particular one?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Never mind, mostly… of course, after posting the above, the group rides and segments popped up on the events list :roll_eyes: :laughing:

I’m still sort of interested (and it may help others to find out) if repeating any of these groups events counts towards completion though, if anyone knows?

Yes. I did Group Ride #1 twice (on different days) and got credited for two separate Group Rides in ZA


Thanks - i was just about to ask the same question. Specifically I missed the timing window for the first batch of group rides and so can i still complete the academy? If I’ve understood the answer in this thread, then i believe the answer is yes? Even though I’ve just done the Champs as my first group ride, i could do that (or one of the other remaining two) twice, to complete/graduate. Is that right? Thanks - apologies for newbie Q.

That is correct, yes. You need to do all 8 workouts and 4 Group Rides to graduate. The Races and the Segment Rides count as Group Rides.

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