Group ride not recognised

OK so I did a group ride today (my 3rd).When it finished it registered on my zwift academy
homepage but when I logged in later it had gone. Is there a limit to how many can be done in a week or something.? Not a huge issue I will do it again but a little peeved incase the same happens again.

Hey David! There is no limit on how many you can do. Send the workout file and explanation of what happened to and they should be able to manually credit it for you.

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Had a similar situation today, zwift crashed…frustrating!

Thank you for the advice!

You only get credit for two group rides, two races, and eight workouts. there is no credit for extra rides or when you repeat a workout you have already finished. It will of course show up on but your 12 step progress will not change. Is that what you were asking???

Actually, someone sent me a correction that says you need 4 total rides either group rides or races. I have to check on that. I thought it was the same as last year. So then it would be your total of rides and races. After doing four events, no credit would go since you would only have workouts remaining to graduate. Sorry to misread the regulations. Hope I helped a bit though.

Correct, you need 4 total activities that can be any combination of group rides and races. 2 and 2, 3 and 1, or 4 all of the same. The progress bar will continue to update though, I believe. In past years it would still say 100% complete but the counter would say, for example “5/4” if you did 5 total and so on and so forth.

It may or may not show up on zwiftpower. The way Zwift has combined group rides and workouts is to have women and men both as Cat E. Zwiftpower cannot reconcile this and selects one of the two to post. I lost out on an all best 1-minute power yesterday since it posted the group workout as a women’s workout. This is an issue with how Zwift setup these rides.

Yeah I got lost data but it went into Today’s Plan and Strava so I’m good. Hopefully time trials will get fixed for za too.