Zwift Academy dashboard WO#1 recorded as Group Ride!

HI There - I just completed Zwift Academy Womens Workout #1(great! loved the coaching points and explanation) and immediately followed up the WO with Zwift Academey Womens Group Ride 1. But my Academy dashboard is - incorrectly - showing my progress as 2 Group rides. WO#1 appears in my Today’s Plan account and the Group Ride as a seperate activity. I simply transferred to the Group Ride start when the Zwift transfer notification came during the final 5min cool down of WO#1 - is that the source of the problem? Thanks

Historically there have been occasional issues with credit for special events when staying in game from one ride to another. I exit and restart Zwift for separate rides when one is part of a series such as Zwift Academy.

Thanks Steve. I thought with the WO#1 and Group Ride #1 scheduled back to back(8am & 9am UK) that transfer on notification would be ZA managed - as I understand it - riding to the end of WO#1 cool down would prevent me joining the ZA group ride as it would have started. Great if Zwift could clarify this - especially as my activities record shows both events.