Why are there so few races and group rides?

I still have to finish the 4 races or group rides, but there is only an academy group ride every 3 hours (even less)…
Not a single one this evening and no race at all today…
With 2 young kids I can only ride at some point during the day, the Academy is really impossible to finish now…

Or does any race or group ride count towards the Academy?

Assuming you’re not going for the contract, any combination of 4 group rides, segment rides or races will let you finish the Academy, so you have 8 choices.
Having said the above with confidence, I’m not 100% sure whether doing the SAME ride or race twice will count twice.

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but only Academy rides/races or any race or group ride ?

Sorry - any combination of Zwift Academy’s 8 options of rides and races. (There are 2 races, 2 segment rides, and 4 group rides to choose from)

Yes, they have to be part of the Zwift Academy to count.

Use this tool to search for a ride or race that fits your schedule:


tnx, unfortunately there is way too little that fits my schedule.
useful tool though

Wow. That tool is super helpful. I’ve been trying to figure out how to see the academy events farther than 36 hours out as I schedule out my week. I was just about to give up on doing any Zwift Academy races and was just going to finish out ZA with some boring group rides. Thanks for linking it!