2015 uci worlds course race


Am I missing something, or are no races available to sign up to for the women’s 2015 UCI WORLDS COURSE race?! With only a few weeks left on the academy I am surprised these are not yet available to sign up to. I had been hoping to sign up to do this this week

Also seems to be the same for Segment Group Ride 1- SPRINT POWER & THRESHOLD POWER…?



I have the same problem. Nothing showing and no options to schedule

:frowning: so frustrating

This is the schedule for the rest of the academy.

Week 3 and 4 - SG 1
Week 5 and 6 - SG 2
Week 7 and 8 - Mix of SG 1 & 2

These event’s should be up soon!

Please join this group for updates and for any further questions: CANYON//SRAM Racing | Zwift Academy | Facebook

Thanks Sam. Are you able to confirm when the second race will also be available? So far I’ve only seen the la reine races available

I just want to also express my frustration, I’m not really strong enough to be top of the field in the pro contract field but I at least wanted to complete the challenge ‘at that level’ so to speak - there was no indication that the Segment Ride #1 would be limited to particular weeks (it’s listed as available until the 25th November on the ZA site) and the past week or more I haven’t been able to find a single Segment Ride #1 to sign up to, and right now there are NO races or Segment Ride #1s available. It’s really saddening to not be able to achieve the full set, when there was no indication there were earlier expiry dates for certain types of Segment ride or race.

Hi Hannah. Just seen this, but someone posted the following on facebook which I’ve come across. Looks like we do still have a chance at all races and segment rides over the rest of the academy:
Races are thurs/ fri/ sat/ sun
Segments are sat/ sun/ min/ tues

Week 2 and 3- race 1
Week 4 and 5- race 2
Week 6, 7, 8- mix of race 1 and 2

Week 3 and 4- sg1
Week 5 and 6- sg2
Week 7 and 8- mix of sg1 and 2

Don’t hold me to it though! Just passing on what I have seen!