Lack of Race/Group Ride Availability

What’s with the scarcity of Races and/or Group Rides during the final week of the Academy?


It looks like they may have just added some…
Group rides seem to be about the same amount as all the past weeks (probably because someone has to lead them), but races are scheduled for almost every hour this week:

Monday - Volcano KOM Climb
Tues/Wed - LaGuardia Circuit
Thurs/Fri - London Classique Circuit
Sat/Sun - Volcano Circuit

While there seems to be ample opportunity to do races, I was kind of hoping that they would have all the races that they offered rotating every hour throughout the week, like they do for series such as Tour of Watopia as a catch all week. I was planning on doing the 40km Volcano KOM Climb this next weekend, but looks like they are only offering the Volcano Circuit over the weekend. Oh well!

Thanks for the note, Amanda. I’ve found some of the recently added races. I was also hoping that they’d cycle through each of the races this week, but it looks like that’s a no-go. At least it’ll be easier to get in my last race😉