Zwift Academy Group Rides - Availability in US Weekday Evenings

Zwift Academy requires 4 group rides. Looking at next week, there are no group rides on the schedule past Monday (per and those are available at 1 pm and 9 pm only. 

Can we get some rides at the 6 or 7 pm range for US time zones, on several days?

There’s now a group ride at 6 or 6:15 PM US CDT on Monday. Other ride times have been added. Thanks!

(The event feed on the page shows the ride is at 6 PM, while the event page at show it’s at 6:15.)


It would be nice to see some evening rides on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays – none show for US riders on

Same for anytime on Saturdays and Sundays; the only ride on each of those days is in the middle of the night here.

Eastern time zone here. Would love to see more group rides in place of group workouts, especially ending by 6:00 PM Eastern during the week or anytime from 5:00 AM until same on weekends.

We can do workouts without a group. More opportunities to complete the synchronous activities given life would be nice.

Also, looking at the schedule, it looks like there are 14 #zawride (rides on every day Th-Mo) but only 9 #zamride (7 rides Friday, then 1 each Saturday and Sunday) on out there. Are there really that many more female than male participants?