Zwift Academy Group Ride Schedule (W17) - West Coast US


    The current group ride schedule doesn’t have many rides that work for people on the west coast:

     Would it be possible to have at least one weeknight ride starting at 6:30PDT or later? At the moment there’s just the 10AM Sunday ride that works with my schedule.

     Alternatively, could we get credit for participating in the men’s rides? The 7:00PM PDT start time works really well for those of us who work during the day.


I did a men’s group ride because there are none for us on Mondays (most of them are right in my work schedule, so impossible and none are less than an hour. There’s no credit for doing a men’s ride, but it was harder.

I agree, credit for doing the men’s group rides would be very helpful.  I’m struggling to find many women’s rides that don’t involve getting up in the middle of the night (Australian time)

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Zwift has provided a list of the available men’s Zwift Academy group rides, here.

The race schedule is available by clicking through from this page.

Likewise, the women’s links are available at this page.

Those links won’t make the timing better in your time zone amid your schedule for the rest of your life, but they do make it easier to find the ZA rides.

Both of those are links of the main ZA page



The issue is not that we can’t find the ride schedule, it is that the women’s ride aren’t at suitable times so we’d like to do the men’s rides and have them count for Zwift Academy…

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Helen, I agree that the schedule web page won’t make the timing better in your time zone. It may help those looking to fit a ride in, since not everyone knows that page exists and it’s easier to see the ZA rides there than it is in the list of all Zwift events.

I also welcome Ashley’s and your suggestion.

And I’d be glad to see some group rides on Tuesdays and Thursdays as well.

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