Few Women's Group Workouts scheduled

Group WO#2 is available on several days/times when I might ride it, but MEN’S ONLY, women not allowed. WTF is up with that?

If there is no women’s specific ride available, then OPEN the workout to everyone, Zwift-

I thought the days of treating women as second class were over;
looks like I was wrong about that.

@Karen_Messer7028: If I recall correctly, in the past, the women’s rides were restricted to women, while the other rides were open to all. Have you tried to sign up for one of those other rides?

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  • The issue is that women’s WO #2 is not scheduled very often, unlike the MENs WO 2.

Why should this be?

I can make none of the scheduled times for the women’s WO #2.

Why not always pair them- if there is a mens WO, also schedule a women’s WO.

Oh, right, it’s only women.

Must admit I wish there were mixed workouts, rides and races too. Id like to be able to ride and suffer together on a workout with some of my male friends and can’t do that unless we do a meet up… :confused: I assume it’s due to the potential contract that’s up for grabs. Weird though as the advert shows both riding together

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I think that’s not the case with these events. Not 100% sure, but the events themselves are branded as ZA Road Men’s (i.e. the blue image)


The ride details also include the final sentence “Find out more and schedule your next ride at zwift.com/zaroadmen” which implies it’s for the Men’s academy only.

For many events, this doesn’t matter as there’s a Women’s academy ride scheduled at the same time. But looking at the list, there does appear to be periods where there isn’t a women’s ride alongside:

@Karen_Messer7028 I’m assuming this is an oversight and more will be added to the schedule. Zwift has been very supportive of women in cycling, look at all the professional women’s virtual racing events they have hosted with the exact same distances and media coverage as the men. You don’t see that IRL bike racing.

As Steve mentioned, in the past only the women’s events were restricted from men entering and women could enter any event. That has changed this year for some reason, probably for the pro contract details.


@Karen_Messer7028 I assumed that this is a mistake (although very annoying) as Zwift appear to have set up ZA with equal opportunity. It is very odd to have the men-only workouts listed with no women-only option.

Hi Karen, and welcome to the forum!
I’m really sorry to hear this because as Mike said, Zwift have been very keen on parity in the sexes since they started.
I see no good reason why we shouldn’t have mixed groups. The pro contract can’t be the reason for this because it’s irrelevent to 99.9% of Zwifters - it must be an oversight. Hopefully they can fix this and bring the groups together or in line with each other quickly.

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This is very strange, every time I’ve looked for a group workout the only times that work for me are the women only groups.

I was going to post an ‘outraged’ post on here, but decided to just do the workout on my own instead… :wink:

I don’t think it’s a sexist thing, it’s just luck of the draw on the timing of the events.

As a long time Zwifter, I think this is the first time I have ever seen men only events. But for the last few years there have been plenty of women only events as zwift have worked hard to promote women’s cycling. So, definately not a sexist thing, but more of an oversight.

@Karen_Messer7028 it looks like it’s been fixed now. There are women’s events alongside the men’s now.

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Are you picking the Academy workouts / group rides using my.zwift.com? Or by using the Companion app? I’m seeing blue (to indicate the men’s ZA events) and magenta (women’s) usually side by side either way.

If you’re using Companion - would you verify that you’re on version 3.19? The previous version had some problems displaying Academy events and progress.

In ZC 3.19, you can click through the Academy tabs and find upcoming workouts (or group rides) more easily than you can by scrolling forever through the regular Events tab that lists non-Academy rides.

Would you verify that being on 3.19 resolves your question?

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Thank you Shuji! I am using the Companion app, and the Women’s workouts at 7 am PST have been missing.
However it appears that they have been added now!
I am very happy- now I won’t miss a workout
And yes, I then upgraded the companion app from version 3.18 to 3.19, and it is much easier to use.
Thank you for being so responsive.


Thanks Alison!
Yes, you are right- the missing events are now appearing.
Thanks to everyone for the responses-