Zwift Academy Group Rides - 2019 suggestion


Thank you to everyone involved in hosting Zwift Academy 2018! So far, it has been a fantastic experience…the workouts, group rides & companionship, but also the actual on-screen “instruction” during the workouts.

I have one suggested improvement that I would love to see for ZA2019, and perhaps others feel the same? In the 2018 schedule, there are often ZA group rides scheduled at the same time as a ZA race or ZA group workout. If you have enough flexibility in ride leader availability in 2019, I would really like to see group rides run back to back with the other events … race or workout first, group ride immediately following. That way, participants can complete a tough workout or race and then keep riding for the next hour in a social group ride, connecting with others who just finished the event as well as new people joining just for the group ride.

Thank you for the suggestion Monica! I’ll definitely forward this over. We’re so glad you’ve been enjoying this years Zwift Academy :slight_smile:

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Here are a couple ideas/suggestions that I had for Group Ride enhancements:

  1. Find a way to incorporate the Leaders voice into zwift so that he/she may talk and encourage us throughout the ride instead of having to type.
    1a. Also incorporate “Discord” (or any platform) that Group Riders can connect to and speak to everyone without worrying about typing.
  2. Have some Group Rides that a “rubberband ride” or a “no drop ride” so that those who join the mandatory group rides and are unable to reach 2.5 w/kg will still feel like they are part of the group.

On a slightly tangential angle I question why ZA had men and women separate workouts.
The group workout model is great. Everyone stays together, doing the same workout despite varying degrees of ability.
I fully understand why we have seperate races for men and women but group workouts? Nobody can win or go faster than someone else.

I agree with John Hallas. We should not differentiate between Genders in Group Workouts.

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