Please more communication about Academy structure!

Hi Zwift.
This year was my first Zwift Academy. While I loved the workout, the massive show-up and banter of other people, the races and the general structure of Zwift Academy, I found communication could improve a lot!

  1. Planned timeframe of group workouts
    It is clear now that you have a tight rhythm of group workouts towards going through all in time. Every 2 days you offer the next, and when reach workout8, repeat.
    Why not communicating this in the first place?
    I intended to do workouts every 3 days, but that did not work with group workouts. When I found out I did not know whether a repeat would happen. And for PLANNING it would have been good to know that you go through 3 rounds of group workouts within the time of Zwift academy. Anyone could choose the time best fitting

  2. Race categories
    You have climb races, circuit races and TT. For all you offer long and short ones. Why not be clear about these from the beginning (they did not change so far, always same courses) so that one could look out for their favourites?

  3. Rough race schedule
    Also with this why not communicating from beginning that they would repeat on regular basis?

  4. TT race
    I was keen to see that Zwift Academy also has TT races. I just missed the first week because of work. But then I thought: Sure they would repeat, as all other races, group rides and workouts do.
    But they do not!
    Why not be clear about that too? So that everyone WISHING to do TT could take those races?

  5. The Extra credit for extra 4 races/rides.
    For me the most frustrating thing!
    I read in the beginning that 8 workouts (done whenever) and 4 races/rides are enough to graduate. And 4 extra races/rides give you a bike paint job.
    I planned from the beginning to do more.]
    Now I completed yesterday my 9th workout (one double) and 8 race/rides. And?
    I am now allowed TO SIGN UP for the extra 4 races?
    But I did them already?!!!

Why is there nowhere an information that FIRST you have to graduate AND THEN go for extra credit?

So in sum:
The Zwift academy would be SO MUCH BETTER if information would be given FROM BEGINNING. All the mentioned points do not give away any possible surprise, but they make planning much more easier and everyone can be clear about their achievements from start!