Zwift Academy 2017

I think we need some info for the Academy soon.

I need to make a schedule almost now for September.

I know the workouts can be done anytime, but I need a schedule for races and I only have certain days for outdoor trials (if included this year).

How soon can we get more info?

Even just something about the races, courses, time trials we need to prep for.

Tour de France riders get info way in advance. August training camp, you know (ha)

Anyone from last year have anything to add? Like, are workouts scored or just completed? Is there a point system?


We will be sending out communications in the first week of August with specifics about the program. 

15 Total rides to be completed over the 6 weeks. Here is the breakdown:

8 workouts 

You can do the workouts anytime, the first one is an FTP test. The workouts are all sub 2 hours.

5 group rides

You can select any ZA group rides from a schedule that will look similar to this with a few additions

2 races

There will be many options for fulfilling your race requirements (KISS races, mixed or ladies only).

The workouts and rides are designed to bring out the best in each rider, testing both short term and long term power, giving our judging panel the data they need to select 10 Semi-Finalists. 

To prepare, try out some of the workouts from last year and jump in a few group rides!

I hope that helps! 




I really appreciate your answering my question.

So, of course, we are dying to get all of the details.

Especially those of us not here last year.

I hope the announcement will include details about a scoring system and rankings.

Sooooo excited!