Training Schedule

As i new to academy i would appreciate some tips on a schedule that is recommend to get the best possible results:

Monday usually a restday
Tuesday Zwift Academy Workout
Wednesday Zwift Academy Group ride/or road ride
Thursday Zwift Academy Race
Friday Rest day
Saturday Endurance Road or Gravel 4h
Sunday Recovery ride

with some off the bike activity as well core/roller ect

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Yeah I also would like something like this, I tried to make out a plan and figured its 8 weeks so 1 workout a week but it seems you only get 3 days to complete a workout before the next one starts

So basically I came up with spend the first 3 weeks doing workouts 3 days a week and every fortnight chuck a group ride in there

I havent done a work out yet so I am not sure how much doing 3 workouts a week will destroy me but with work schedule basically could only come up with workouts on Tuesday, Friday, Sunday hopefully get enough rest in between those for my tired legs.

This basically ends up with all workouts completed by Week 3 which is concerning I think.

Agreed. In the ‘L’Etape du Tour’ plan, there was a schedule with something to be done every day, be it a specific workout, rest day, race, etc.

Although they had to be completed within a certain timeframe, so there was some wiggle room too, so if you couldn’t do something on Tuesday, you could do it on Weds.

As far as I can see from the Zwift app, and the Today’s Plan site, we have a list of workouts, and nothing else… seems like some guidance would be a good idea.

You only have three days to do the ‘scheduled’ workouts as a group but you can do them by yourself any time, all 8 workouts should be in your workout library already.


Hi Liz

please explain more as i don’t understand.

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It okay Liz, i see what you mean

Last year we were told in the description of the overall program that they recommended 2 events per week to really show the best of what you had. Last year the races were not available for a few weeks while everyone did workouts and group rides. If you are not looking to win a chance at a contract you can do the events at whatever pace seems good to you. I did them every other day last year and had a lot of fun. One or two of the workouts were exceptionally hard if I remember correctly.

Will doing those workouts inside the training
folder count toward ZA’s credits?

Yes they will.

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Thank Fez, I was under the impression that you would have to do the two prescribed ( 1 workout and 1 group/race per week) however this don’t seem to be the case. Yes you can go to the training side and follow your schedule, but as the saying goes “it always better in a group”. I would have love if this could be played out so that one can plan properly and see how you can build your daily live into it. most of the participants doing academy are doing with out a coach and rely on the zwift coaches to guide them abit.

Hopefully the zwift coach picks this up and guide as somehow. cause what i see now you got about three days to Finnish one work out than the next starts in-between there is some group rides so can can assume to follow the following program

day 1 workout
day 2 group ride
day 3 work out
day 4 rest or off the bike
day 5 group ride or endurance
day six group ride/recovery/rest
day 7 rest

can we not tag the coaches of zwift to this post

Please also note that although i don’t have a problem with the program, i see it being done in three/four weeks if we follow this schedule that happens currently on ZA. what happens then. do one start again or what.

kind regards

Then, you graduate.
You can always repeat workouts at a higher level, esp. if your FTP has increased. (try an ftp test after you graduate). You can enter more races. In October, all grads will usually get an Academy special paint-job for their bike. Repeat your test workouts for 20 seconds, 1 minute and 4 minutes.
Hope you enjoy it all.
Zee K

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There are catching up days? I had no time for the Time Trial Race and now a see only the other race in the next Events.

They will schedule more times for the Time Trial race as the weeks progress.

It would be great to publish a top 20 times for Tempus time Trials