Zwift Academy

Hey all,


I am relatively new to Zwift and after playing around or a bit i am looking for a more structured workout plan. I did my FTP test and now locking to improve some numbers.

Been a guy and all i know Zwift Academy was originally structured for women but it seem like a good all around Technic builder. unfortunately, i cant seem to structure of days as this is marked as week 1 session 1-8 week 2 session 1-8 and so on. anybody has a lead on this ?


if i cant seem to find anything i may just go with riding your first century, or an ftp builder. 


Thanks in advanced. 

Hi Golan,

Welcome to Zwift.

There are several workout programs available to improve your FTP.

You might take a look at this website ->


Hay again and thank you for getting back to me,

All i can see from the website is a copy of the exciting workouts that are in Zwift.

Under Zwift academy all i see is session 1, session 2 in so on. how do i know what is the schedule ?  is it twice a week ? 3 times a week ? repeat session ???

No idea.


Other workouts has actual day of the week.  

Golan if you look at the workouts in zwift academy you have 9 workouts first month so you can decide on how to do it 3 2 2 2 per week and that adds up to 9 workouts in a month i say i would do that setup, but it´s all up to how you want to do it. 

And then you see month two same again 9 workouts over the span of 4 weeks hope that helps keep up the rides :slight_smile: