Zwift Academy

(Golan Nave) #1

Hey all,


I am relatively new to Zwift and after playing around or a bit i am looking for a more structured workout plan. I did my FTP test and now locking to improve some numbers.

Been a guy and all i know Zwift Academy was originally structured for women but it seem like a good all around Technic builder. unfortunately, i cant seem to structure of days as this is marked as week 1 session 1-8 week 2 session 1-8 and so on. anybody has a lead on this ?


if i cant seem to find anything i may just go with riding your first century, or an ftp builder. 


Thanks in advanced. 

(Bastiaan Gaillard [HIK - C]) #2

Hi Golan,

Welcome to Zwift.

There are several workout programs available to improve your FTP.

You might take a look at this website ->


(Golan Nave) #3

Hay again and thank you for getting back to me,

All i can see from the website is a copy of the exciting workouts that are in Zwift.

Under Zwift academy all i see is session 1, session 2 in so on. how do i know what is the schedule ?  is it twice a week ? 3 times a week ? repeat session ???

No idea.


Other workouts has actual day of the week.  

(Thomas Ringborg Team ODZ) #4

Golan if you look at the workouts in zwift academy you have 9 workouts first month so you can decide on how to do it 3 2 2 2 per week and that adds up to 9 workouts in a month i say i would do that setup, but it´s all up to how you want to do it. 

And then you see month two same again 9 workouts over the span of 4 weeks hope that helps keep up the rides :slight_smile: