Zwift academy 2021 schedule

Hi, I’m just wondering how to schedule the Zwift academy. Do I do a workout everyday or is how many should I do a week? Do you repeat some workouts or add some others to your week? I started today but started workout 1 before realising I should be doing the baseline first so will start afresh tomorrow just don’t know how I should be structuring my workouts


I’ve now scheduled the baseline ride for tomorrow lunch time and work out 1 on Wednesday lunch time.

Hi, I have a similar question - roughly we only need to do about 1-2 workouts per week to do them all by the end-date of ZA. Generally I’d do 3-4 sessions per week - which other rides/workouts should I by doing to maximise the benefits of the ZA workouts/recoveries ?

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My question is: are there specific ZA Group Rides or can we sign up for any group rides and that will count?

Yes there are, it has to be a ZA ride or workout, other random ones won’t count.

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Hey @Christopher_Brown2 great question! It really depends on many factors, but here’s my 2 cents on how to supplement ZA: Supplemental Zwift Academy Workout Suggestions | Zwift