Group workout general schedule

Hi. I joined the academy because I had 8 weeks time to make the 8 workouts. I wished to do most of them with group Workouts.

However, now I see that the Group Workouts offered already moved to workout 3, and go to 4 soon.
I was planning with 2 workouts a week (plus one race).

What is the general group workout schedulke over the 8 weeks? Will it always be around 3 workouts a week? Will it start over from workout 1 again? Will there be one option to have it with a slower pace?

Hi Maximilian! The workouts will run through all 8 and then start rotating again. It is also likely in the final weeks that all 8 will run through each day…but I don’t know this for sure. You can always do the workouts on your own at any time.

As far as pace, in the group workouts, you do the session at your pace, and the group is banded together, so you move as a bunch no matter if you are putting out 2 w/kg or 5w/kg.

Thanks for the reply from such a star! :slight_smile: I feel honoured!

Good to hear they start again. And good to hear that the last week they have all in all day.

The “pace” was actually not referring to in-workout speed, but the change from offering one workout to the next.
In my work schedule I have time for 2-3 Zwift sessions a week. I planned for myself to do 2 workouts a week and one ride.
Now I saw that on Wednesday already, Group Workouts only offered workout 2, and now on Friday only Workout 3. I could not start until Wednesday.

This “pace of workouts” that Zwift offers thus makes it impossible to me to regularly join group workouts. That is a pity. I enjoy the group banter, plus it is more accurately tracked on Zwiftpower compared to me do it single.

I am a bit saddened that “just one transition pace” through workouts is offered for group.
But no matter what, I will make it through the academy :slight_smile:

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