ZA Recovery Rides

Where do I find the recovery rides I’m supposed to do? All I can find is the baseline ones and actual sessions. Thanks,

Found them starting in week 3. It would be nice if they were available every week from the start. :man_shrugging:


Thanks Mike. Yes I agree. It would be good if the info told us that too, to save scrolling through umpteen days in search of them. Lots of things that seem obvious, not well thought out/explained on the Academy.

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Hard to argue with that!

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Yeah, recovery rides would be great earlier on in the program. Seems a bit unreasonable to start them so late.

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You have to wait till you have something to recover from :slight_smile:


Yes this is frustrating. Do the three workouts but no recovery rides to continue. Whats the use of the recovery rides if they only open them up later in the program. Some zwifters would like to move on. Load the rides they have no purpose if we don’t have access to them.

Yeah, I hate group workouts and will never participate in them, but I would ride the group recovery rides every week. Some people will be through most all the workouts by week 3…

Totally agree at 2-3 workouts a week.
I’ve signed up D-womens… Just done my baseride but there is only A&B workouts… Do I just jump on the ladies on?

A is for everyone, B is women’s only. Group workouts don’t follow race categories.

I’m looking for the ‘finish’ ride, and can’t find it. Do they come in later in the month? I don’t remember seeing anything about them being delayed to the end of Academy.

I see the Finish Line rides showing up on Monday 9/27 in the companion app.

So I have a week to try to keep things on a boil before the ‘Finish Line’ ride. Ouch, but okay…

General question, how many are already done with the rides and waiting for that one last required ride? (Or is it just me) My first Academy, I had the whole thing done in just over a week. (Funny that it blocked that word, see: loves pain) much I guess…

Is Zwift counting two recovery rides as completed now? Because last week it would only count one as completed, the Block One recovery ride on the Sand and Sequoias route. If you repeated the ride it would still only count as one completion on your progress graphic.

I see the recovery rides are still available this week but we are into the Block Two workouts but it’s still the Sand and Sequoias route which indicates it’s still the Block One recovery ride.

The Block Two recovery ride (Flatland Route) doesn’t become available until 3rd Oct.

So, unless Zwift is now counting the currently available recovery rides as the second ride (which it wasn’t doing last week) you shouldn’t be able to complete the academy before 3rd Oct when the 2nd recovery ride becomes available.

Which is really odd when you think about it as the Finish Line ride is available from 27 Sep. Why is the 2nd recovery ride only available after the finish line ride?


We get 2 months to do 6 rides, two recovery, and a start and finish ride. 2 months. The first Academy, I was doing three a week. Hmm… I can do rides over I guess.


Or, instead of treating ZA like a tick box exercise, use it to actually improve… most people I know are doing 3 workouts a week for the first 3 weeks, recovery, testing baseline and then following up with the 2nd half in the same way.

This is about getting better, not just completing it with the minimum possible effort!! Surely?