Missed Recovery Ride #1


I missed out on the 1st recovery ride and cause I finally caught a hold on 1 of them today. However, it triggered completion for my 2nd recovery ride (after workout #6) instead of my 1st recovery ride (after workout #3).

Am I still able to complete this? What should I do or look out for?


You’ll be able to complete that ride during the make-up weeks at the end of ZA.

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Hi, thanks for the reply. Does that mean even if I do another recovery ride later today, it will still not trigger my 1st recovery ride (after workout 3) as completed?

The first recovery ride is the Sand and Sequoias route. You’ll need to find one of those in the make-up weeks.


When will I know when the make up week is?

So for now, I continue to complete my workout 6 and finishline first right?

Zwift Academy Road 2021 Baseline Ride FAQ - #95?

Thanks for the reply and I’ve taken a look at it at that thread.
Your other community forum manager Shuji mentioned that the make up week is October 11-25 2021.

However when I look at the list of events on those dates stated, I don’t see a “Sand and Sequoias route”, only “Flatland loop” for the recovery rides.

You’re right. All of the recovery rides currently scheduled for the make-up fortnight are Recovery Ride #2. What’s up with that, @shooj?

They’ve done this to match the quality of the entire 2021 academy….

you are correct, It look like all recovery rides are #2

Hmm, back to square 1 I guess haha… Shall wait for @shooj to respond.

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Yes wait for him. They are in another Time Zone so he will be in later.

Events team probably hasn’t finished scheduling everything for the makeup week, it usually takes a while for them to get it all loaded.

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@Mark_Shingo @Siobhan_Sinclair
Mike is exactly right. The Events team are busy creating the Recovery Ride #1 for Makeup Fortnight, and they’ll be pushed live tomorrow. Don’t you worry!


I’ve Done the baseline Ride and 5 workouts but still the only thing I can find in the eventcslendar (11-25 of oct) is finishline and baseline rides. Where are the recovery rides?


Hi Dan they are there.


I know they show up on other peoples eventcalender but mine just says baseline and finish line.

Can I sign upp for the events on the page that you linked me to?


Hi Dan,
Do you have filters active in your Events calendar? If so, clearing them should let you see everything.

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Please explain the meaning of the recovery ride number 1 and 2. Both where available today and both where on the same flatland loop track. Why number them when non counts for the first ride??

Recovery Ride #1 and #2 are two different events on different courses. To graduate Zwift Academy, you need to complete one of each.

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