Missed Recovery Ride #1

I finally completed both recovery rides.
Do look out for the correct name before registering to prevent mistake.

Recovery ride #1 (after workout #3)
The map name is “Tempus Fugit”

Recover ride #2 (after workout #6)
The Map name is “Flatland Loop”

You will need to complete one of each to complete the zwift academy.

Many thanks, Mark!

I simply have to wait until the correct recovery ride shows up in the event list.

Hope this helps other zwifters too.
Cheers Alex

You should be able to find all the recovery rides this week. I am seeing them appear on the events list.

Just need to make sure you join the right one you need.

And how do you tell which one you need to do?

Hi Gavin,
Assuming you registered for the 2021 Academy before the cut-off date, you should have a tally graphic somewhere in your account of all ten rides that are needed to graduate. (There’s an example is the first post of the following thread: Comment avoir le 1er recovery)

The Recovery Ride 1 is represented by the 5th icon in the sequence, a chevron, while the Recovery Ride 2 is the 9th, also a chevron. Depending on which one is indicated as already completed in your tally graphic, you just need to do the other one.