Where are the Baseline Rides?

So I’m new to Zwift, I completed the introduction and the Zwift academy orientation ride.

I’d like to now complete the Baseline ride, however the only rides scheduled appear to be Finish Line, Workout 5 and Recovery Ride.

Can anyone tell me why the Baseline ride is no longer active, since the program is open til he end of October?


the finish line event is identical to the baseline ride except for the title of the event so it should serve the same purpose

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It probably won’t give you credit for the baseline ride towards completing the Academy however. I don’t know? It looks like the window to complete the baseline ride is past, and I don’t know if there will be any makeups scheduled as it is a new requirement this year (ne experience from previous years to predict if there will be any additional rides).

FYI, the Academy started 4 weeks ago, we are now halfway through the allotted time to complete it. It might be too late to start now that the baseline rides are gone off the events schedule?


it should be fine unless you are competing for a contract, the progress requirements just state X amount of workouts and X amount of group rides. though who really knows with zwift

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Thanks all so far.

So sounds like its too late to do it by the book. I guess what i wanted was something to show for it at the end, but perhaps that ship has sailed and I’ll have to deep dive into the first and last sessions to really see the differences!