Baseline Ride "makeup"?

I still see the baseline runs as an option, but I no longer see the baseline rides anywhere as an option.
Per the original “rules”, Baseline rides and runs will only be available as an event until November 15 at 9:59 am UTC. But…the runs are still there. Seems inconsistent. Any chance the rides will be given some of the same grace period? The possibility of a baseline “makeup” test? @shooj
I did an FTP test, but that doesn’t appear to count towards the baseline ride.

As it stands I’ll have all of the rides and runs, but not the baseline ride box checked, even though I’ve done an update to my FTP for the TriAcademy period.
Ride On!


I’ve also missed the baseline run. Please add some makeup events, Zwift!!!

I think the runs you see may be for Zwift Run Academy? I see those but not for Tri.

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