Baseline Runs Gone?

Hi All,

I used to sign up for the Baseline Runs and run against different people up til December last year, but they are no longer coming up on my Event list in the Zwift app. Have they been superceded by something else or how can I run against other Zwifters?

Don’t tell me I’m going to have to get real friends to run against :frowning:


I recall seeing them. Thought they were part of some event series but not being a runner, didnt really take notice. TdZ have running events on matching the riding events (time wise that is).

But you can also jump onto Zwifthacks and filter by running. You’ll never be short of a friend to run with whether Zwift have events on or not :slight_smile:

I believe you are talking about the Zwift Academy Run base line runs. If you are, the runs were part of the Zwift Academy series, which finishes a bit ago. As @Dean noted, Tour De Zwift is happening right now, which is a good series to do with other runners.

As Oliver notes above, Baseline Runs were part of the Zwift Academy.